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TNA notes from recent F4W


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AJ Styles is expected to face Hiroshi Tanahashi at next week's pay-per-view.


Samoa Joe injured his ankle at a recent IWA Mid South show. He appeared in front of the audience to tell them that he hurt himself, thinking that would be better than someone else doing it. He's expected to be OK by this weekend.


AJ Styles was on Powerslam radio recently and noted that a lot of guys are directionless because of all the WWE guys coming in and taking their spots, and also that Jeff Jarrett getting as much TV time as he is is "confusing". He said Russo talked him into working his show and not Ring of Honor because Abyss is safe in the ring and he wouldn't be risking further injury like he would in ROH.


More personality profiles, similar to the one done on Rhino, are in the works.


TNA radio debuted this past week, hosted by Bryan Fritz.


PPVs will be broadcast in streaming off of the website beginning in March.


Shane Douglas' wife gave birth to their second child last week.

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