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Matt D

Chairshot Novella E-Book

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Years ago now, I wrote up a lot of Demolition matches. I did this with Victor (Victator). I more or less stand by that project. It was a good experiment and helped change how I look at wrestling. Victor's written a pulpy pro wrestling novella/pastiche e-book set in the late 90s with lots of analogues. I do think some of the people who hang out in this specific armchair booking forum and that have time to read all of the fantasy promotion stuff might get a kick out of it. It scratches some of the same itches, especially for people who like the written dramatization of the matches and what not. He's asked me to post the link here as the e-book is free for the next day or two. So I'm doing so. If you're interested grab it in the next day or so for free. He's on twitter (https://twitter.com/DrVictator), sometimes explosively so, and I'm sure he'd appreciate feedback.



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