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[1998-11-07-VDB] Mile Zrno vs Danny Collins

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This is for the European Middleweight title and something I've had for years, but never actually watched. Foolish me, because this is an utterly fantastic match, maybe the best match I've seen for either guy.


Mile did some brilliant stuff here, some of which I haven't seen in any other match. Which is crazy considering he would hang up his boots soon after this - I guess all these maestro type guys all get better with age. He may be one of the most underrated bridge users. Seriously his neck bridges and maneuvering around on the mat in and out of pin positions were amazing. If you like awesome wrist lock and neck chancery work, painful leg snapping techniques aswell as a variety of bridge spots this is your match. Collins at this point was an experienced pro and game for this kind of contest. He did some good stuff, unique stuff (dug his falling headbutt) but Mile was the king of the mat here. Of course both guys like to get aggressive too and weren't afraid to lay in the european uppercuts, and they moved back and forth from holds and matwork to beating the piss out of eachother nicely. The weak point of the match is the finish, as Collins blew a couple rope running sequences and they just ended the match. Still, totally kickass bout, the best from these VDB discs and a hidden gem.

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