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[2011-03-13-TNA-Victory Road] Sting vs Jeff Hardy

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Rewatching this is just surreal. The Network and Immortal sound so distant yet unmistakeably genuine, you can tell my mind tried to surpress watching shitty TNA TV as much as possible. Hardy's music plays and it takes him about a minute longer to get on the stage, he looks weak, frail and completely out of it. He couldn't even throw his shirt to the crowd. I don't remember whether Bischoff coming out was an impromptu angle to buy time or just what was planned. The match consisted of a lock up, some worked punches and Sting hitting the Scorpion Death Drop for the win, with him holding down Hardy while he was trying to kick-out being the most absurd detail of the whole thing. It's hard to believe a company as big as TNA was at the time would allow a drugged out wrestler to "compete", sometimes you just had to see it to believe it.

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