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[2016-12-06-BJW] Yuji Okabayashi vs Yoshihisa Uto


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This is one of Uto's better singles matches. It helps that Okabayashi works really well with the young guys, giving them plenty of offense and always selling well. A very simple but well-executed match. The opening is your standard hoss smash-and-chop but once Uto sends Okabayashi to the outside and Yuji lariats the ringpost, Uto makes Yuji work hard to get back on top. He works the arm and uses the injury to his advantage to squash Yuji's momentum builds. They bounce off each other with lariats but Yuji isn't using his strong arm so Uto is able to take him down with a reverse armbar. Loved the finish, with Uto booting the injured arm of Yuji on the lariat attempt, forcing Yuji to stun him with his right arm before killing him with the strong arm lariat. Fun, easy breezy watch.

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