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[2016-12-18-BJW] Shuji Ishikawa & Kohei Sato vs Hideki Suzuki & Takuya Nomura


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One of my favorite Japanese tag matches of the year but perhaps more importantly, it served as a great plaform for Nomura to showcase what he's learned over the past year. His selling was fantastic for his experience level, from his facials to the desperation in his strikes. He does a lot of little things in his matches that guys who have been wrestling 10-15 years still don't get. Suzuki rules. One of things I love about Suzuki, and it showed in his early exchange with Ishikawa, is the way he's continually moving, not allowing Ishikawa a solid grip, but shifting around and feeling for a weakness or an opening. Twin Towers are the best bully tag team in Japan and Nomura not backing down from them was a lot of fun to watch, especially in his interactions with Ishikawa. The final confrontation between Nomura and Sato was really neat, as Nomura unloads on Sato with everything he has, kicking him harder and harder, his eyes wild as he's thinking "damn, how hard do I have to kick him?" before Sato finally collapses with his spasmodic selling. Loved this.

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