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This Week in Wrestling Indys &International 1/6/17


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Pete and Tim are back to talk about wrestling in the U.S and abroad.

1. CWF Mid-Atlantic Battlecade pt1.
-The guys discuss the show, the matches, wrestlers and booking.
-What got over with the guys
2. NXT
-The guys talk about the show.
-What worked and what didn't.
-Evolution of DIY
-Nakamura laziest NXT champion in the history?
3. FIP-Styles Clashshow
-WATCH Fred Yehi vs Anthony Henry
4. NJPW WK11 Review
-All the matches reviewed, and discussed.
-The guys give out starratings.
-Is this a show of the year?

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Fun show as always. One quick nitpick is that Tim said he thought some people were misremembering some of the early details of Okada and Omega. I just want to point out that many people making the critiques he's talking about were making those critiques in real time as the match occurred.


I am aware that is why on 2nd and 3rd view those live takes seem even more glaringly incorrect especially for North American fans that were probably up at an insane hour watching the show it's very very understandable but I think if you consider yourself a serious wrestling fan it's important to at times to acknowledge and accept your short coming in these situations and reevaluate a match when you have your full mental faculties

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I deliberately didn't listen to the CWF-MA stuff because I'm planning on watching the show at a later date. Do you know if it will be shown for free on their youtube channel or do they have a VOD service for big shows? I'm pretty much starting fresh with this promotion this year thanks to the good things I've heard on your podcast.

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