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  1. Episode 9 - Match Microscope (II): Billy Robinson vs. Nick Bockwinkel Strap yourselves down and force your eyelids apart with cocktail sticks, as the boys are back with their second in a trilogy of in-depth looks at classic Japanese pro wrestling matches a little off the beaten track. This time around Daniel, David and George are hurtling back into the dim and distant past (the 1980s) to run the rule over a clash between two of the greatest technical wrestlers the Western world has ever produced. Along the way we'll take in exactly how the UK's most terrifying geezers were produced, which Japanese women's wrestling legend has a burning desire to visit Wigan, and revisit Daniel's love of Last of the Summer Wine in what is alarmingly not a first on this show. Matches: Billy Robinson vs. Nick Bockwinkel (AJPW, 11 December 1980) https://soundcloud.com/the-puro-pourri-podcast/episode-9-match-microscope-ii-billy-robinson-vs-nick-bockwinkel
  2. EPISODE 8: Match Microscope (I): Kota Ibushi vs. YOSHIHIKO (feat. Jamie from Dramatic DDT) Join George, Daniel and David for the first in a new series called Match Microscope, in which our intrepid hosts tackle a single puro match in detail and tie it in with what it meant to Japanese pro wrestling at the time. Then, in Part 2, the guys welcome Jamie from Dramatic DDT for an expert interview about the DDT promotion, and try to unpick the full story of this most offbeat of promotions. Featuring George making the case for the most underrated high-flyer of his generation, the time a pork cutlet won a pro wrestling belt, the flamboyant enigma that is Danshoku Dino, and all the good cheer you've come to expect from the Puro Pourri Podcast! Matches: Kota Ibushi © vs. YOSHIHIKO ©(KO-D Heavyweight Championship and DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship) (DDT, 25 October 2009) https://soundcloud.com/the-puro-pourri-podcast/episode-8-match-microscope-i-kota-ibushi-vs-yoshihiko-feat-jamie-from-dramatic-ddt
  3. EPISODE 7: HEAVEN IS A HASH FIGHT The NJPW vs. UWFI saga marches to its heady climax as David, George and Daniel look at the death rattle in UWFI's dessicated throat. Marvel as Riki Choshu continues his Burial Tour '95-'96, a fat Elvis impersonator shows why he was the most badass action hero of all time, and the guys laugh at Yoji Anjo some more. They also somehow manage to mention a storyline where a sumo wrestler hatches out of an egg not once, but twice. A typical two hours' work from the Puro Pourri Podcast. Matches: Riki Choshu vs. Masahito Kakihara (NJPW, 4 January 1996) Keiji Muto © vs. Nobuhiko Takada (IWGP Heavyweight Championship) (NJPW, 4 January 1996) Nobuhiko Takada © vs. Shinya Hashimoto (IWGP Heavyweight Championship) (29 April 1996) https://soundcloud.com/the-puro-pourri-podcast/episode-7-njpw-vs-uwfi-iv-heaven-is-a-hash-fight
  4. After our brief diversion into the strange and terrifying world of modern-day WWE, the boys are back on familiar terrain, though no less strange and terrifying. 1995 is solidly behind us as we move into what 1996 meant for the New Japan-UWFI feud, mourn the sad death of Yoji Anjo one more time, gush over one of the greatest wrestlers of all time (and talk about Antonio Inoki as well), and reference Takeshi's Castle even more than usual. Matches: Yuji Nagata, Shinjiro Otani and Tokimitsu Ishizawa vs. Kazushi Sakuraba, Hiromitsu Kanehara and Kenichi Yamamoto (NJPW, 4 January 1996) Yoji Anjo vs. Hiromichi Fuyuki (NJPW, 4 January 1996) Antonio Inoki vs. Vader (NJPW, 4 January 1996) https://soundcloud.com/the-puro-pourri-podcast/the-puro-pourri-podcast-episode-6-njpw-vs-uwfi-iii-vaders-gonna-vade
  5. Hello! It's taken us longer than anticipated to edit together our next lot of shows, so in the meantime we present to you a special double bonus episode covering Wrestlemania! Not merely another match by match, play by play rundown of the show, but filled with our usual brand of deep cut tangents. With scorching cold takes fresh from the barrel, the Puro Pourri Podcast boys are here with a slight deviation from the norm, as they look at Wrestlemania 33. Along the way we take in Daniel's visceral hatred of Mojo Rawley, David's small part in getting Impact cancelled in the UK, and the time George got his ass handed to him by a grandmaster (a chess grandmaster, not Brian Lawler). Give these three the green light, cos they're ready to go. https://soundcloud.com/the-puro-pourri-podcast/the-puro-pourri-podcast-does-wrestlemania-part-1 The hosts conclude their look at the best Wrestlemania for at least twelve months. Between Daniel's impassioned defence of Roman Reigns, George's unaccountable love for Triple H and David's interior decorating, they take in fake wedding proposals, Love Actually, Bob Marley's disappointing children and, of course, when Pitbull will finally be given his long-sought green light. https://soundcloud.com/the-puro-pourri-podcast/the-puro-pourri-podcast-does-wrestlemania-part-2
  6. Yeah I think we accidentally uploaded the wav! Here is a much smaller mp3 version for everyone, apologies! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1Iq94dErccueENadEhDV0FCRHM
  7. I thought that. At first I thought it was in Japan but then I looked again at the line ups on each team and also copped the blue flooring and advertizing.
  8. So. Many. Crap. Nu. Metal. Themes. Really not my thing, although given I was 15 in 2000 I may well have dug it had I chanced upon it back then. Genuinely thought Rukkus was going to kill that poor lad with his pump handle slam. Q Sick took a nasty bump against a wall from a seemingly standard irish whip. That's about the extent of my comments tbh.
  9. Episode 5 is here! Currently streaming on our Soundcloud and Itunes, also due to be uploaded to the PWO network soon. After a difficult gestation involving lost audio, a re-recording and one of the presenters' dogs shitting everywhere mid-episode, George, Daniel and David are back with another look at the famous NJPW vs. UWFI feud from 1995-1996. Continuing their look at the October 1995 Tokyo Dome show, the hosts bemoan booking, laugh themselves into a stupor at one of the most hilariously one-sided squash matches of all time, reveal which British supermarket has a better opinion on Wrestle Kingdom 11 than other leading brands, and fantasy book Jushin Liger against one of the UK's leading Brexiteers. All this and more on the Puro Pourri Podcast! Matches: Jushin Liger vs. Naoki Sano (NJPW, 9 October 1995) Riki Choshu vs. Yoji Anjo (NJPW, 9 October 1995) Kensuke Sasaki vs. Masahito Kakihara (NJPW, 9 October 1995) Shinya Hashimoto vs. Tatsuo Nakano (NJPW, 9 October 1995) Keiji Muto © vs. Nobuhiko Takada (IWGP Heavyweight Championship) (NJPW, 9 October 1995) https://soundcloud.com/the-puro-pourri-podcast/episode-5-njpw-vs-uwfi-ii-fit-to-shoot
  10. You didn't think the Ogawa/Murakami vs Hash/Izuka tag stood out? I'm not saying you had to think it was any good, but to suggest it doesn't stand out or is overshadowed by the two matches after it seems a stretch to me. It stood out precisely because of how batshit it was and the manner of presentation. Again, I'm not suggesting you have to like that sort of thing, but almost by dint of how different it felt to the rest of the show it automatically stands out as memorable in a very particular way.
  11. Vacillates wildly between completely falling apart into a hot mess and the most intense, wild bomb throwing fest you'll ever clap eyes on. I've seen the Hash/Ogawa matches before but never this one and I think it's very interesting to compare the two. With Murakami and Izuka in there as well this feels more poised in terms of the variety of stories that can be told and the tag structure makes for obscenely satisfying pacing r.e the bigger spots (usally suplex or strike flurry based) because of the ebb and flow or having different combos in there. Considering Ogawa/Hash is a feud that is often pointed to as an example of the worst excesses of Inokism (although I have to say, I love the matches) in terms of eventually removing a lot of the aura surrounding one of his best draws, this match really manages to keep everyone looking incredibly strong and really jumps off the screen as one of the hottest feuds on the entire planet at that point.
  12. Ship Canal

    Best Chain/Strap/Bullrope Gimmick Match Ever?

    I have a huge soft spot for Duggan vs Buzz Sawyer. Perhaps not on the level of those outlined above, but hugely fun none the less and never outstays it's welcome.
  13. Ship Canal

    Top 10 Lucha Matches of the Month

    Is there no video of #1 because no one has uploaded it yet? Or is it a mistake with the html on the blog? Great list btw, going to be keeping up with these as much as I can. Trauma vs Lupus was my MOTY last year, so keen to check out another crazy IWRG blood feud!
  14. Ship Canal

    Why do people hate thigh-slapping so much?

    It's never bothered me in the slightest. I get pissed off at Marufuji matches because I don't like the way he constructs them and some of the (wider) work in them. But I see the thigh slap as largely neutral, in the same way the old school mat stomping when delivering a punch is. If it's done well, the extra element of theatricality doesn't affect my enjoyment. A smidgen just the other way though, and it might. To paraphrase Pacino, wrestling's that game of inches. Tbh though, I see far less egregious thigh slapping these days than there used to be dodgy foot stomping back in the day. Is it just the sound that people find so offputting? Or are people saying they can actually see the moment the wrestler slaps their thigh to create the sound and that's what's so distracting? Because I feel pretty thick right now, as I can honestly say I don't think I've ever noticed the thigh slap itself outside of hearing the sound. And it's not like I don't watch a lot of matches. Maybe I just let those mlments wash over me subconsciously, I dunno. Thigh slapping/game of inches. I'm this far away from being Benny Hill right now.
  15. I enjoyed this a great deal, even if I felt like it could have had 5 minutes or so shaved off the end to make things a little punchier. This seemed one of Akiyama's more understated but viciously methodical displays. I loved how he'd just tag in, lock something on and wrench it unforgivingly before letting someone else pick things up. There was a kind of half STF (I'm terrible with the names of moves) that he kept cranking and it made me really appreciate the little touches he adds into his matches that set him apart. The way he used his foot for leverage and would half circle back on it before syncing it in even deeper was such a nice touch that a lesser wrestler might not have thought of. Things like this really make him stand out even in very unshowy performances. Also a huge mark for slightly grizzled, stubbly Kobashi during this period. I tend to think there is more evolution to his character than some give him credit for.