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[1993-10-02-SMW-TV] Rick & Scott Steiner Promo / Interview: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies


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The first part of the title should read "Steiner Brothers Promo".


Scott makes no sense at all, which isn't unusual for him, unfortunately. And what the hell's a "goozle"?


I think we've sold Rick short as a promo all these years. Moron gimmick aside, he's more articulate and fiery than Scott just about every time.


I loved this exchange between Corny and Les:


Les: Jim, there's so much going on in your life right now that your secretary needs to be an octopus.

Corny: Yeah, but your girlfriend was too stupid to take the job I wanted to give her!


Les had to turn away from the camera so we wouldn't see him crack up. Great stuff!


Alternate Line of the Segment goes to Dr. Tom: "We are the picture of the perfect crime in Smoky Mountain Wrestling!" Maybe he didn't make the most sense of anybody who's ever lived, but at least he didn't mention goozles.


It would have been interesting if Vince had decided to sign a Bodies-Quebecers match just so we could see a promo battle between Corny and Levy. (If I recall hearing Corny right, Vince had the Bodies tapped as the team to beat the Steiners. but he wanted Corny to all but close down SMW and become WWF-exclusive, which was understandable under the circumstances. Corny (who wanted as little to do with the WWF and the Northeast as he could get away with even then) refused, and Vince turned to the Quebecers instead and never really pushed the Bodies after that.


I'm guessing that Les made a mistake and tried to wrap up the interview too soon, which is why Corny had to yell at him like he did. The Harrises don't look nearly as menacing without their full beards.


I hope the Steiners treated Arnold a hell of a lot better than the Bulldogs, Dynamite in particular, treated Matilda. I wasn't a big fan of Jimmy threatening to kill him, even if he was talking through his hat.

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