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Thoughts on the fancam/single moving cam presentation style?


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There was a Shotzi Blackheart vs Thunder Rosa match posted in the Southern Indies thread that made me want to make this post. The match is here:



I really liked the way this was filmed. The ring was low enough so the camera could get in the ring. The camera picked up a lot of the jarring between the girls and you could hear various fans in attendance. Since they worked the mat, you got a full in your face view of a lot of the submissions. I felt like I had the best seat in the house and was actually there at the match.


I would honestly love to see this style of filming used more. A lot of the Japanese companies like LLPW and FMW used to film this way and I always loved it. Yeah, sometimes you might miss a shot, but I think it's worth it for everything else. I thought this match was honestly filmed on par with WWE, who has a budget of about 1000x what this show did.


The match also worked because they didn't mic the ring that much, so when people fell, you could hear how it really sounds, which is more realistic and makes you "feel" the bump more.


And even though the camera's used were probably a lot shittier than WWE's, it looked more clear and life-like than what WWE can produce.


What do you guys think?


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I haven't seen this footage yet, but one match where I LOVE the presentation is Flair vs. Ricky Morton on the Ultimate Flair DVD.


That really makes you feel like you are inside the ring. No commentary. Just amazing experience.


I'd love more to see more footage shot like that.

I don't know what match you are referring to unfortunately.


But I'd be cool with a break from commentary for a while. Most commentary is just an extra distraction nowadays. If a wrestler is actually good, you shouldn't need it anyway. The "ouches" and the "RAWRs" along with the usual trash talk and crowd banter should be more than enough to provide context to the match. While not wrestling, I know an NBA game would be 10x more entertaining if we could hear some of the stuff they say. People like Jordan and Bird supposedly had better trash talking game than a lot of pro wrestlers.

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