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  1. JerryvonKramer

    RIP Pedro Morales

    That would create about as much buzz as Swede Hanson's 1985 WWF face run: https://www.cagematch.net/?id=2&nr=1422&page=4&year=1985&promotion=1
  2. JerryvonKramer

    RIP Pedro Morales

    Did we ever do him a bio in the end?
  3. JerryvonKramer

    Holy Grails

    Frank Hill is laughably shitty in those matches.
  4. JerryvonKramer

    Crockett Appreciation

    Don't know if anyone can dig it up but the list of TV matches Chad and I watched back in the day had some phenomenal stuff. Garvin especially seemed to be a great TV studio worker.
  5. JerryvonKramer

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    Yeah I didn't watch the show, just the list. Pretty much just induct anyone who ever had an action figure at this point. And yeah I saw SD Jones got in too, lol.
  6. JerryvonKramer

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    Legitimately the worst class of HoF inductees I've ever seen.
  7. JerryvonKramer

    Who is more important for pro wrestling history?

    This is a weird set of questions. 1)Randy Savage vs Mitsuharu Misawa Misawa is more important to AJPW than Savage to WWF but WWF is more important to wrestling history than AJPW ... Still Misawa. 2)Ultimate Warrior vs Chris Jericho I think history flatters Warrior a little bit, he never drew as well as you might think, and I suspect Jericho was a bigger draw when he was champ and that the whole Y2J period was a bigger deal than Warrior's time on top. So I would say Jericho. 3)Jake Roberts vs Kurt Angle I think it's Kurt Angle. He was a legit gold medalist and came in during a smoking hot period and became a main event draw. Jake did some cool stuff, but surely Angle winning every single belt in record time is more important both from a kayfabe perspective and just in general. 4)Akira Taue vs Jeff Hardy Probably Jeff Hardy for pioneering monkey flip flip wrestling. 5)Edge vs Rick Rude Rick Rude just because I hate Edge.
  8. JerryvonKramer

    RIP "Mean" Gene Okerlund

    Extremely sad news. Bona fide legend of the business who completely defined his role. So many career highlights but if I had to go with one it’s in the limo with Flair, Starrcade 93 before Vader match. Welling up.
  9. JerryvonKramer

    Favorite Gear & Attire

    Ahem http://placetobenation.com/the-definitive-guide-to-the-suits-of-the-million-dollar-man/
  10. JerryvonKramer

    Most Athletic Wrestler Ever

    It's still Flair. He could do stepmaster for an hour after no sleep and drinking all night, then would go broadway in the night. Man was a freak of nature.
  11. You're awesome dude. I know you don't know me but you're the guy I enjoy the most to read here.

  12. JerryvonKramer

    Worst Turns in Wrestling History

    Because Ted DiBiase may be the worst manager ever, at least at a major league level. Everyone who was paired with him turned into heat-sinks. He makes Mr. Fuji and Harvey Wippleman look incredible. I'd disagree that he was the worst ever. However, the problem with Ted as manager is that all the heat was on him not his charges, and since he had an injured neck, he couldn't take bumps so there was seldom any real pay offs. The WWF compounded that basic problem by throwing mid-cardy or also ran guys or has beens into the stable. So what do you end up with? 1. Manager who puts heat on himself, can't take bumps. 2. Wrestlers who come across like minions rather than stars in their own right. That was more of a structural issue than anything Ted himself did. It's not like he stopped being a good promo or good at playing the character. Jackets through that period were AWFUL though.
  13. JerryvonKramer

    Worst Turns in Wrestling History

    Babyface Ted as manager of the Steiners.
  14. JerryvonKramer

    Bruce Prichard's credibility

    From what I remember listening to Bruce's show, he definitely has insights that only someone who worked closely in the office could have. Obviously, it comes with all of the usual carny BS, but I don't think he's any more nor less reliable than Kevin Sullivan, Cornette, Bill Watts, JR, Funk, Flair, or pretty much anyone who ever had anything to do with the business. I think Dave has that very old school smart tendency -- jdw also has / had it -- of thinking that because someone is a BSer EVERYTHING they say has to be BS. Fact of the matter is, when it comes to what happened in the office, Bruce was there and Dave wasn't. All anyone can do is check competing accounts against each other. Things pretty much everyone does, regardless of the field, when recalling things and in autobiography: 1. Exaggerate their own role. This is the availability heuristic. 2. Mis-remember certain details. 3. Embellish certain details. So obviously basic common sense on this. Also, given how many Observers I've read through, Dave is not exactly a shining beacon of impartial truth. He had his favourites that happened to be his sources, and had his least favourites who also happened to be the guys who'd crackdown on the newsletters. There are only a few guys who are SO full of shit that they are literally not worth listening to. I'd include ... Hogan probably Russo Honky Tonk Man Iron Sheik Warrior when he did shoots That sort of ballpark obviously where you have to take EACH AND EVERY THING with a pinch of salt. But Bruce is not in that ballpark.
  15. JerryvonKramer

    The Pro-wrestling Curve of Attractiveness

    Top thread. Not enough Ted.