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[1995-09-23-CWA] Ulf Herman vs Ultimate Warrior


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The Most Ultimate of Warriors goes to germany and do battle for the Power Wrestling Trophy (amazingly pronounced by Manfred Koch). This is more fascinating than good - altough it's probably one of the more fun matches the Warrior has been in. If you are not familiar with Ulf Herman: he is basically the most pro-wrestler looking dude to come out of germany. I mean, if you had a sitcom or something where a guy who you look at and makes you go "Yep that is a pro wrestler" was supposed to appear as a spoof pro wrestler Ulf would be the guy. This is from some commercial tape - I assume the CWA organizers were getting desperate and trying to cash in on the WWF fanbase - this match didn't even have rounds, altough there are still fines. I am sure the Warrior immediately regreted smashing Herman's head into the announce table when he was given a fine of 200 Deutsche Mark. The Warrior is all energetic and Herman and the insanely hype crowd makes this really fun. Herman busts out dives and actually gets to have somewhat of a match against Warrior, but ultimately falls victim to the Ultimate Splash. Also the commentating Peter William does is hilarious, if you speak the language. You can tell when Peter is really hype for a match (e.g. Finlay vs. Mile Zrno) and when he is trying his darndest to sell something.

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