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[2016-08-12-RevPro-Uprising 2016] Chris Hero vs Marty Scurll


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This opens up great with some taunting back and forth. We get some nice focused work on the left arm of Chris Hero from Marty Scurll. A really nasty looking stomp to the arm of Hero is delivered by Scurll. Eventually, this leads to a really good comeback from Chris Hero and of course some very stiff shots. Hero, at one point decides to hit a moonsault, which he misses and Scurll gets fired up taking this into another gear. Scrull had a really awesome reversal of one of Hero's big elbows, that gets Hero on his back and he drops him back down on the worked over arm. We eventually get the MONSTER elbow from Hero, followed by more devastating looking blows. Scurll throws in some really impressive looking matwork, playing off the armwork again, that put him back on top. Then they just get to pounding each other with slaps and strikes. I didn't like that Scurll had to wrap his arms around the legs of Hero to take a piledriver, but it looked awesome on delivery. Scurll gets the crowd to go quiet ....shhhh....and breaks the finger of Hero. Hero ends up hitting a piledriver from the top for the W. Really good story there. This was fantastic! Both guys delivered the goods. ****1/4 to ****1/2

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