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  1. “In WCW they throw hot coffee. Here in ECW we use the whole machine.” YES. Was New Jack the first person that let his song play continuously throughout a match (or, at least all the way through until ended)? I can’t think of others that did that, or at least did it often. I loved that as a teenager when I first got into ECW. It’s fitting for these types of brawls. Yeah, fun watch.
  2. I thought of Elizabeth immediately. This was so dumb. Meanwhile, on the other show She’s having dinner with Flair “spending Macho’s money.” Anyways - more lame stuff from WWF in 1996. At least on Nitro we were getting Malenko vs. Liger.
  3. Incredible. This starts off super hot with the dives and then the violence creates the drama that leads to the great mannerisms and expressions from Tenryu. Fujinami, as noted, gives a great underdog fiery performance as it goes on. The slap at the end is pretty classic. Great match.
  4. Trading spots in a fun match. It started out great with high intensity. I agree, it lost momentum as it went on. I like this one better than the previous as well, but I prefer the Mikey/Sabu match that happened shortly prior to this one to either. I felt like it had more of a story within the match.
  5. This match may not be for everyone, but I think for many that were kids during this era it solidified Shawn as the guy and came across as a legendary match and a great moment. The entrance and the ending will be used as highlights forever. I land around where Marty, Micro & Chad did on this one.
  6. JKWebb

    [1996-03-18-WWF-Raw] Billionaire Ted skit

    I despise this too. This stuff is so dumb... lame... whatever... I would think pretty embarrassing...
  7. Yeah loved the garbage can punch and the hand psychology too... this match is a ton of fun! The post-match is brutal and puts it over the top as a great moment in ECW. I still think my favorite Cactus match (in ECW) is his farewell vs. Mikey in 1996, but this has to be up there as my likely #2. Definitely worth checking out for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Great match, and I haven’t really heard this one talked about much. Thanks for the recommendation Sleeze! http://ridingspacemountain.blogspot.com/2020/05/pro-wrestling-lov-vol-59-best-of.html
  8. This match rules! I’m surprised I haven’t heard this talked about more. Outta nowhere on Nitro you get the Steiners and the Road Warriors and they go hard. They’re throwing bombs and hitting big moves. Love it.
  9. I loved this too, it hits great for me. It’s my favorite of the Juvi/Rey matches to date. I loved the finish with Rey pulling out the table (so, I thought the table would be involved before the finish), but Rey gets him off the top rope instead... then puts him through the table! Super fun match - what a time in ECW!
  10. I’m with Tim - I thought this was great! It might be my favorite ECW Cactus match overall... The ending was super entertaining as well!
  11. I loved this. I loved the trading jabs and chops towards the end of the match, and the finish didn't bother me. Arn's DDT ruled.
  12. I'm with Zenjo. This was lame, and wow has WWE tried to change the narrative over the years through their documentaries. Not surprising at all, but just lame.
  13. Dusty Rhodes once took down a bear with a palm strike! This debut of Finlay is fantastic. This is an example why WCW is and was the best. At this point in time, they are bringing in so many of the best wrestlers from around the world. It truly feels likes a "world" promotion with sports feel which was so different from what WWF was doing at the time.
  14. JKWebb

    Matches of the Month

    Coming into 1996, and I'm super high on the quality of Nitro and all things WCW. I noted this about December of 1995, but I really loved the 12-18-1995 match between The Giant & Randy Savage. Savage was my MVP of WCW in 1995, because I love the matches he had with Flair as well. I'm coming into to 1996 feeling the same way. I'm about half into the month of Jan. right now, and he has had two of my favorite matches so far. Also, to note -- Some of my favorite matches were not included in the YB. I have been enjoying the Nitros, so just watching those in full as they pop up. My favorite match in Jan. thus far is Randy Savage vs. Arn Anderson on 01/01/1996. It is a short match, but one I'd classify as a hidden gem. The following week he teams with Hogan vs. Flair & Arn, which also a fun match. Then following that, on 01/15/1996 he has another quick but hard hitting and very good match with Lex Luger. He's really at the top of his game in this era. One debate that is always fun in wrestling is favorite punchers -- Of course there are the top answers of Lawler & Murdoch & Dundee and others, but I think Sting is pretty underrated puncher. If you watch the triangle match in Starrcade of 95, just watch the difference between his punches on the top rope vs. Flair compared to Luger's. I'm not dogging Luger, because I think he is great during this run. I'm just saying Sting is good striker - this may not even be a debate for those who love the Vader/Sting feud and like watching him chop down the nWo, I'm just saying he doesn't get brought up as much as I think he could in that category. Sting is also firing on all cylinders at this point. Also, right on par with the greatest punchers of all-time are Regal's palm strikes. His match with Hash in 95 blows my mind -- it's so great -- And, he has another one of my favorite matches in Jan. here in 1996 vs. Eddie G. on 01/08/1996. I'm looking forward to completing Jan. of 1996. Loving it right now... Oh man... the 96 Rumble -- Marty J. still with the worst gear. He was such a good wrestler, but man his gear was SO dated, and actually wouldn't have been good in the 80's anyway... I just don't see how he took himself seriously in that outfit ha. I loved the debut of Finlay in Jan. of 1996. It's a great example of why WCW is and was the best. They bring in so many of the best talents from around the world. It truly feels like a "world" promotion with "sports" feel rather than "sports entertainment" and it was just very different than WWF. My matches of the month in Jan. 1. Shinjiro Ohtani vs. El Samurai (NJ 1/21/96) 2. Vader vs. Antonio Inoki (NJ 1/4/96) 3. Randy Savage vs. Arn Anderson 1/1/1996 4. Ric Flair vs. Sting (Nitro 1/15/96) 5. Luger & Savage from 1/15/95 and Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair & Arn Anderson (Nitro 1/8/96) were really fun too - I also liked the Stevie Richards/Sabu match from this month - I haven't made it to the Rey cage match yet.... Overall, Jan. of 1996 is leading me to believe that 1996 will top 1991 as my favorite YB. We shall see... For Jan., I'll add that the Savage/Flair and Hogan/Flair matches at the end of the month are both really good - also, the Road Warriors return is fun with their first tag back against the Faces of Fear. I didn't love the Rey cage match as much as I thought I would. I'm a few weeks into Feb. at this point, and Nitro is still my favorite part of 1996 so far. ECW is still going strong too. Rolling through Feb., and WCW and ECW continue to remain at the top as my favorite promotions. WCW has really been on a roll since December of 1995. The Brian Pillman stuff in ECW has been fantastic. As far as in-ring wrestling, really enjoyed some New Japan in Feb. as well. WWF was really desperate in their approach to talk trash on Ted Turner on these RAWs. It really made them look bad. The narrative from WWE was that WCW was trying to drive them out of business and talked trash on the air, but the WWF stuff is just terrible and in my opinion more egregious than what WCW was doing at the time. Those Billionaire Ted skits are lame. Favorite Feb. Matches: 1. Shinya Hashimoto & Junji Hirata vs. Yoji Anjo & Yoshihiro Takayama 2. Macho Man vs. Ric Flair - 2/19/96 3. Black Tiger & El Samurai & Gran Hamada vs Shinjiro Otani & Koji Kanemoto & Dean Malenko 4. HBK vs. Owen from In Your House 3. I think WCW had a really good run of some good matches here: Eddie G. vs. Lex Luger, Macho Man vs. Benoit & others I'm coming into March, and I think it is a pretty awesome month. I just watched Rey Misterio Jr vs. Juventud Guerrera (2/3 falls) (ECW 3/9/96) and LOVED it. I also thought the Sting/Flair match from Saturday Night was pretty good too. March of 1996 is LOADED: 1. Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels (Ironman Match) (Mania 3/31/96) 2. Cactus Jack vs. Mikey Whipwreck (ECW 3/9/96) -- This is my favorite Cactus ECW match. I really have gotten into Mikey going through ECW. 3. Rey Misterio Jr vs. Juventud Guerrera (2/3 falls) (ECW 3/9/96) 4. Roddy Piper vs. Goldust (Hollywood Backlot Brawl) (Mania 3/31/96) 5. Steven Regal vs. Fit Finlay (Uncensored 3/24/96) 6. Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Kenta Kobashi (AJ 3/31/96) 7. Toshiaki Kawada vs. Akira Taue (AJ 3/31/96) 8. Road Warriors vs. Rick & Scott Steiner (Nitro 3/11/96) 9. Great Sasuke & Tiger Mask IV & Shiryu vs. Super Delphin & Taka Michinoku & Gran Naniwa 10. El Hijo del Santo & Atlantis & El Dandy & Lizmark vs Blue Panther & Felino & Dr Wagner Jr & Negro Casas (CMLL 03/15/96) 11. Shawn Michaels vs. 1-2-3 Kid (RAW 3/4/96) The WWF Billionaire Ted skits continued to be trash. It's hard to believe they continued with it. First, that they think it is funny and they are on par with something like SNL. Also, it was just lame and felt desperate. Hogan has been pretty lame still on WCW but everyone else, especially Savage/Flair & Luger/Sting have been one great he really doesn’t matter. With WCW and ECW on the roll that they are, the great matches coming out of New Japan, and All Japan being All Japan --- 1996 is going to end up top 1991 as my favorite year of the 90's thus far. For me, Savage and Flair set atop the list of the WOTY candidates at this point. Week in and week out they are at the top of WCW and haven't lost a step. I think this might change as the year goes on, but we'll see. There are so many great/fun matches at this point, it's hard to rank them... April Favorites: New Japan is back to topping the list with a MOTYC for me. Hash also is making his way into the WOTYC for me as well. I loved this main event. 1. Nobuhiko Takada vs. Shinya Hashimoto (NJ 4/29/96) 2. Shawn Michaels vs. Diesel (No Holds Barred) (PPV 4/28/96) 3. Genichiro Tenryu vs. Tatsumi Fujinami (NJ 4/29/96) 4. Steve Williams vs. Akira Taue (AJ 4/20/96) 5. Sabu vs. Mikey Whipwreck (ECW 4/13/96) 6. Steven Regal vs. Belfast Bruiser (Parking Lot Brawl) (Nitro 4/29/96) 7. Jerry Lawler vs. Jeff Jarrett (USWA 4/20/96) May Favorites (as I go): The Gangstas & Tommy Dreamer vs. The Eliminators & Brian Lee (ECW 5/11/96)
  15. JKWebb

    Matches of the month

    I finished up 1995. WCW has picked things up with Nitro, and I think the Monday Night War is officially here with Madusa dropping the title in the trash. I don't believe it was included in the YB though, which I found interesting as it feels like one of the first big blows in the fight. Really enjoyed Starrcade overall. I like where WWF is going with Diesel, but they still do feel behind the times. I'm really looking forward to 1996. My favorite match in December is: Bret Hart vs Davey Boy Smith (WWF In Your House 12/17/95). #2 Flair/Savage 12/25 Nitro & #3 the triple threat at Starrcade. I also liked the Austin/Sandman/Mikey train wreck of match a lot too. Austin didn't get a lot of screen time early in the year, but he is my favorite promo of 1995. I know a lot of folks would probably say Foley, but some of his stuff is a little over the top for me. Buddy had his premier year in SMW, and from what I understand, got a shot in WWF only to get injured slipping on some ice and it was all over. Bummer for Buddy. Memphis still stayed entertaining for me in its own promo, studio style show way. Promotion of the Year: ECW Wrestler of the Year: Mitsuharu Misawa (Runner-Up Kawada) Match of the Year: Mitsuharu Misawa & Kenta Kobashi vs Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue (AJPW 06/09/95) Here are my favorite matches of the year: 1. Mitsuharu Misawa & Kenta Kobashi vs Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue (AJPW 06/09/95) 2. Toshiaki Kawada vs Gary Albright (AJPW 10/25/95) 3–way—tie. Kenta Kobashi vs Akira Taue (AJPW 07/24/95) & Flair/Savage Bash 95 & Steven Regal vs Shinya Hashimoto (NJPW 04/16/95) 6. Rey Misterio Jr vs Psicosis (ECW TV 10/07/95) -- and probably right there with this one is Gangstas Paradise and November to Remember) 6. Raven & Stevie Richards vs Pit Bulls (ECW Gangstas Paradise 09/16/95) 7. Although the WWF didn't have the best year, they had some classic matches that I'd slot here: Bret/Diesel (another long time personal favorite), Shawn/Razer Ladder II - I still like X better, but an incredible match, and I also loved Bret/Davey from Seasons Beatings. The 1995 Ranking: At this point, it's kind of hard to remember all of 1990 ha. But, 1991 is still my favorite. I loved 1994 WCW, but I think All Japan in 1995 and the fun that ECW brings probably surpasses that year overall. I think I would have 1995 ahead of 1994 at this point. But, for sure beats out 1993. 6 years down, 4 to go... on to 1996... Coming back to note I checked out the Giant vs. Randy Savage from the 12-18-95 Nitro, and it’s a super fun match. Totally worth checking out. Savage is probably the 95 WCW MVP.