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  1. JKWebb

    Tim Horner feature (SMW TV 03/28/92)

    Tim Horner can't sing. Haha - Funny and Terrible. I can't believe they let him sound so flat - they could have edited it to just show the parts he was on pitch or something... too funny. #WhiteLightnin' - But yeah, so bad it's good for sure!
  2. Some of the best characters in WWF history have one super fun match here. I loved it! The crowd is really hot, and they give the crowd exactly what they would want to see. It was a little longer than I expected too (in a good way). Piper makes everything fun, and I love seeing him as the IC Champion. Sid looked awesome/dominating. I always (like many) questioned why they went with Sid over Flair for WM, but he really does look like the perfect monster for Hogan to take on. Plus you end up getting the Savage/Flair classic anyway. I'm not saying they should not have booked Hogan/Flair, but I am saying I see their reasoning behind not doing it. I prefer getting these two storylines with the way WWF likes to tell stories.
  3. Prowrestlingtees.com needs a "Snakespeare" shirt like yesterday.
  4. The best thing ever is Stan Hansen becoming frustrated when the ref tells him Misawa got his foot on the rope, so he just slaps Misawa in the face while Misawa's still laid out.
  5. Yeah, I'm right with Zenjo. I really found some strong appreciation for the intensity they brought, and the stripped down match they had here. It really sucked me in.
  6. I had totally forgotten about this! This was fun to see again, it brought back the memories from seeing this as a kid.
  7. The Vader show - A really fun match, and you get to see Vader showing off his legendary athleticism. He has great chemistry with Rick Steiner and Sting here (although it's not a very long match or anything). It's great to revisit. The Vader/Sting matches are some of my favorite of all-time, so I'm always excited to see them face off in any capacity. This was no different, and it was pretty cool because I don't think I had ever seen this match before (prior to tonight).
  8. I thought this was great. For my money, this was the best feud in any promotion once it started and up through the ending here. The pre-match promo for Savage was fire. You could feel the intensity and hatred here, and Savage got his revenge. Sure, the match wasn't very long, but Savage brought the "insanity" he promised and got the decisive win the fans wanted to see. Great stuff... one of my favorite all-time feuds easy.
  9. JKWebb

    Matches of the Month

    Back into the game after some really deep dives into 80's Mid-South, WCCW, & 80's WWF. I actually ranked all the matches from the 80's Mid-South set over in that thread. I'm pumped to be jumping into 1992. I've always sort of thought of it as a WCW year just because of War Games, Sting/Vader, Rick Rude's year etc... However, I'm glad to jump into all that again chronologically and put that into perspective with everything else. Of course, like most, I love the Flair run in the WWF. I just completed Jan., and I'll say off the jump the Royal Rumble remains my favorite match of the month. It's a five star affair in my book, and remains the greatest rumble in history. Standing the test of time all these years, how could it be anything less? Lucha got off to a slow start for me here. I'm still loving the Macho/Jake stuff. I don't know if it's just because he is my favorite, it probably is, but Savage is so good - he really does come across as THE GUY in the company to me. I've seen arguments that he never felt like the guy, but I guess I just don't agree. I think after watching all of the WCCW footage I had a new appreciation for the KVE and Flair moment in the rumble as well. Super cool moment between the two when you think about the history. I thought about the same thing with Piper and Martel after watching the 80's Portland set... I had a new appreciation watching those two in there during the rumble as well. I'm pretty sure they were even eliminated together. If I had to pick an MVP for me in this month, I'd probably have to go with Jumbo. I absolutely love watching him in tags. Here are my favorite matches for the month of Jan.: 1. The Royal Rumble Match - 01/19/1992 2. Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Toshiaki Kawada - 01/21/1992 3. Misawa, Kobashi, Kawada vs. Jumbo, Masa Fuchi, and Taue - 01/24/1992 4. Jumbo & Taue vs. Kobashi & Kikuchi - 01/26/1992 5. Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Stan Hansen - 01/28/1992 - it's a hard call - this might actually be my #4 - I feel like I enjoyed it more than most... 6. Sting & Muta vs. The Steiners - 01/04/1992 7. Vader and Mr. Hughes vs. The Steiners - 01/21/1992 8. Arn Anderson vs. Dustin Rhodes - 01/04/1992 Honorable mention out to Rude, Austin, & Eaton vs. Sting, Steamboat and Bagwell - 01/18/1992 - I loved how they worked the hot tag for Sting. I thought Eaton was really killing it here...oh yeah!-and, who doesn't love the classic Barbershop Angle? You can get an Homage Tee for that now. Awesome moment. Right out of the gate in Feb., I'm already getting more interested in Memphis TV again. It's been a bit since it really sucked me in, but I feel like I'm getting there. I'm enjoying the return of Koko Ware to the area. SuperBrawl II remains one of my favorite WCW PPVs (particularly the Turner edit because it really trims the fat). Liger, Negro Casas, and Savage & Rude are the performers that stood out to me the most in this month (I think Liger the most - in ring, but Savage promos and character). It was blast from the past seeing that Right Guard Hogan commercial again, ha. I had totally forgotten about it, but I remember seeing it so often as a kid. Here are my favorite matches from Feb. 1992: 1. Rick Rude vs. Ricky Steamboat - 02/29/1992 2. Jushin Liger vs. Pegasus Kid - 02/10/1992 3. Jushin Liger vs. Brian Pillman - 02/29/1992 4. Sting, Dustin Rhodes, Steamboat, and Barry Windham vs. Rude, Arn, Larry Z, and Eaton - 02/22/1992 5. Randy Savage vs. Jake Roberts - 02/08/1992 I know I biased to some degree, but as we roll into March Ric Flair cuts one hell of a promo as kick his feud into gear with Randy Savage. With these YB's and everything I've watched from Savage's WWF run, he is consistently in the most interesting and entertaining angles in the company. Just quickly, I'm thinking from Tito to Steamboat to Mega Powers to the Macho King and back to Liz at 7/Retirement angle, then the feud with Roberts, and now this... what an incredible run. SMW really took off in March for me. I loved the Rick Rude attacking Sting at the press conference angle. It turned the heat up with the DA feud.
  10. That back handspring elbow into the release German from Steiner to Muta was just nuts! I had seen this before, but it was fun to come back to as I jump into 1992. I do love the entrances and the feel of the match. I love the teams too, but I don't agree it's more fun than the Superbrawl match with Luger. That match is such a fun sprint. Maybe that is just nostalgia talking, but I don't think so - either way, they are both super fun.
  11. JKWebb

    The big announcement

    Best of luck! Exciting news!
  12. JKWebb

    Bruno Sammartino, 1935-2018

    I too got into Bruno thanks to you guys, and he is now one of my personal favorite wrestlers of all-time. So, thanks for that, and this podcast! It was great!
  13. JKWebb

    PTBN GWWE Tag Team Project

    For those that don't really want to join Facebook... I didn't either, but I joined for the GWWE Project. I just didn't use my real name (I used first name pwo), and I didn't give them my e-mail address. So, I don't get email updates that are unwanted or anything like that. I basically only see the PTBN stuff on my feed and their groups that I join.
  14. JKWebb

    PTBN GWWE Results Thread

    I'm all in for PTBN GWE for Crockett!
  15. JKWebb

    PTBN GWWE Results Thread

    If you are clicking here, I'm sure you've looked at the list. So, I'll just say... what an AWESOME top 10. Savage is my guy. He was my number one and it's really spelled out as to why on the website and in the Facebook group. The top 10 didn't completely match my top 10, but I'm really happy with the results. They make sense to me. Savage really is the total package, Austin hit the highest high, Hogan is WWF, Cena is WWE, HBK/Hart didn't hit the tippy top charisma levels of those above them - Those above were Mr. Senior Class, but Hart/HBK are best all around..., Rock hit the charisma but was a little less than in the ring, Bruno is the Godfather, Undertaker is the most memorable character, and Y2J - Well, the most evolving man in the company's history that managed to change with the times and get himself over no matter where he was.... pretty solid ordering of the top 10! My Top 10: 1. Randy Savage 2. Hulk Hogan 3. Steve Austin 4. Bruno Sammartino 5. CM Punk 6. Roddy Piper 7. Shawn Michaels 8. Bret Hart 9. Rey Mysterio 10. Bob Backlund From the GWWE top 10: -Jericho I had at 19 -Undertaker I had at 21 -The Rock I had at 11 -John Cena I had at 16 Digging all the podcasts and the articles... thanks to all who participated and especially those who organized everything.