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  1. JKWebb

    [1994-07-14-RINGS] Akira Maeda vs Dick Vrij

    Man, I loved this. The intensity is off the charts. Awesome fight that feels longer than it really is (in a good way). Two thumbs up.
  2. This match is super fun. The crowd is really hot for Sting vs. Flair, as they always are, which is why NWA/WCW went back to it so many times. The crowd is eating up the early antics, and I love this type of simplicity in building up the early stages of a match between two huge personalities. Flair is really on point all night for this show, as he's looking to really build things up for the upcoming Hogan match. I loved his promo from the back (on screen) when Hogan was talking with Mean Gene. He reminded me of a crazy comic book villain. Flair is so awesome walking around the crowd, shouting at them... all Sting has to do is look at the audience and they flip out. Sting has lots of energy in his quick jolts of offense, but Flair masterly averts each one. I mean, this is the kind of stuff you buy a ticket for. This may seem like paint by numbers to some, but I say... come on! It's Sting vs. Flair! Sting sells really well during the beatdown. The superplex is awesome, and how about Sherri bump! She is one of the GOATs. The finish is a abrupt, but this a fun match. This combined with Hogan's debut and the Larry Z vs. Regal match make for pretty solid Clash. I dig your theory on Sherri DMJ, 5 years later ha.
  3. JKWebb

    Matches of the month

    Ok, hopping into 1994 now after finishing up 1993 back in July. I think I'd rank the years like this thus far: 1991, 1990, 1992, & fourth 1993. I think Austin continues into 1994 looking really strong, and you can see the charisma of what is to become already there. I think Jan. is full of good to really good matches, but there probably aren't any favorites or classics for me that really stand out. Not so much with promos, but in the ring, I really enjoyed 123 Kid this month. My favorite matches in Jan., and the ones that stood out the most to me, were: from MSG on 1/17/1994 (Kid/Marty vs. Quebecers), The Steiners Tokyo Dome match and their match vs. the Harts. I also really liked the Razor/HBK ladder match. It was pretty neat to see Sting and Austin early on in the month. I don't think I had seen them one-on-one before from what I can recall. Liger was a really big standout in Feb., and I do think during the early stretch of the year New Japan is probably my favorite promotion overall. Here are my favorite matches from Feb. 1994: 1. Genichiro Tenryu vs Shinya Hashimoto (NJPW 02/17/94) 2. Sting, Dustin Rhodes & Brian Pillman vs Rick Rude, Steve Austin & Paul Orndorff (WCW SuperBrawl IV 02/20/94) 3. Jushin Liger vs Shinya Hashimoto (NJPW 02/24/94) 4. Jushin Liger & Power Warrior vs Rick & Scott Steiner (NJPW 02/17/94) I still have the last week of Feb. to go at this point. I remember liking Vader/Steamboat and I see Funk/Sabu has some good reviews. However, I don't think I'll be into the Sabu match. At this juncture, I haven't thought that any of the ECW matches have been very good at all. I will say, I loved the Terry Funk post-match (Douglas/Sabu/Funk) interview segment though. That has probably been my favorite interview portion of the YB so far. It's amazing that even then, in 1994, there was a segment of the fan base already thinking that wrestling had gotten away form a more sports approach (in comparison to what we have now). Really cool interview/segment from ECW. Arn/Regal from SB was really great too. At this point, I'm in early May, and I haven't been able to really take notes on everything I've watched from March and April. I will say I guess that I still prefer the Razor/HBK ladder match to Bret vs. Owen. I know that is a topic of discussion from time-to-time, and I'm sure most of the PWO community would prefer Bret/Owen, but I have never really connected with that match on the same level as others. As crazy as it may sound to some, I would actually prefer Steamboat/Flair from Stampede over that match. I think it is great, but from March and April my top two were the ladder match and Flair/Steamboat. I just love how snug Steamboat is and how logical he is with his wrestling and bumping and selling, he's incredible. I liked the Dustin Rhodes and Bunkhouse match, and I also enjoyed the run Steve Williams is having in All Japan (and, the Kobashi/Hansen match). I would say that up to this point, I've been enjoying WCW the most overall. Flair has really been stellar all year and building to Hogan has been great. Spring Stampede is fantastic - Vader/Boss was awesome too. Thrillseekers have been fun. I just wrapped up on ECW and SM post-WCW Slamboree 94. The first half of 1994 is rolling on like a steam engine. ECW is becoming the ECW that I remember, still eastern and before my time, but it is starting to have that feel. Jake Roberts looks awful, but his angle in SM is at least compelling. WCW and All Japan are truly kicking on all cylinders. I honestly think the Steamboat/Flair match from Saturday Night might be a little underrated. I think it might be my MOTY at this point. There was just something truly special about it. Every moment and move counted for something special in meaningful throughout the match. Steamboat is truly the perfect opponent for Flair. He always takes him outside the formula and his selling is just GOAT. Still loving the Dustin/Bunkhouse stuff, and I have always loved the pacing of that hardcore tag between the Nasty's and Cactus/Sullivan. But, May cannot be talked about with talking that All Japan tag - Taue/Kawada vs. Misawa/Kobashi - yeesh - just incredible. My favorite two matches of the year so far, and both of MOTYCs to date (between the tag and flair/steamboat). WCW still kicking on as my favorite promotion - the Hogan build is great. Man - the Regal/Larry Z stuff has been great! I loved their match at the Clash in June and Regal's reaction after pulling off the cheating victory was simply priceless. KOTR 94 had some great moments with the legendary Owen Hart/Kid sprint and what I think is a decently underrated Kevin Nash vs. Bret Hart match. Jake and DWB continue to deliver the promo goods in SMW. I thought it was great that Jake had his head shaved in AAA for an angle, but in SMW said he did it on his own to intimidate the DWB. I don't think there is any doubt that I'll end up choosing the MIsawa/Kawada classic as the match of the year, but we shall see. Also, I loved when Hogan debuted in WCW -- how Flair showed up in the background on the screen like an evil villain straight from a comic book throwing threats at Hogan. His promo and facial expressions are incredible. I know it gets terrible, but so far so good on Hogan. I thought the Flair vs. Sting match was a ton of fun at the Clash in June as well. The crowd was super hot, and if you have two guys combining a title in WCW, you'd want it to be those two. It's better having one champion. Trying to explain the three world champions mess in WWE today to someone who doesn't follow the product closely... usually, it doesn't make much sense to them.
  4. JKWebb

    Matches of the Month

    That's a wrap on 1993. I really did enjoy the year, but I do think I'd rank it fourth behind 90, 91, & 92 (the YBs I have completed thus far). This is definitely the weakest year for the WWF for me to this point, and by the end I was really losing interest to it's outdated cartoon style (besides the Owen & Bret stuff). But really, I'm not so sure that is was that it was cartoonish vs. just bad characters (thinking of Sparky Plug). Anyways, easy pick for promotion of the year: All Japan! My favorite act of the year overall was the Hollywood Blonds, and probably Steve was one of my favorite performers overall of the year. I think the WOTY for me was between Kawada and Kobashi. Kobashi is one of my favorite wrestlers of all-time, so I think I lean towards him with a little bit of favoritism. Here is my MOTY, and my other top matches: MOTY: Stan Hansen vs. Kenta Kobashi - 07/29/1993 2. Misawa & Kobashi vs. Kawada and Taue - 12/03/1993 3. Vader vs. Sting - 02/21/1993 4. The entire Ric Flair vs. Vader angle with promos/interviews and match included at Starrcade 1993 - I think of this is one full package, which plays into why it's in my top 5. 5. Misawa & Kobashi vs. Kawada & Taue - 06/01/1993
  5. JKWebb

    [1993-08-30-WWF-Summerslam] Music Video: Lex Luger

    It's 1993. Lex Luger has a mullet. This song is straight rip from the Karate Kid era of the mid-80's. When I think of 1993, mullets are gone and you have Nirvana, Pearl Jam & Radiohead... (I'm thinking of fashion changes and music)... They didn't put the title on Lex, but they are putting all this effort into this... I just don't know what they were thinking with any of this at all. This was pretty out of touch with the times (at least from my perspective). I know mullets are common in wrestling, so it's not just that ha - It's just a dated combination of things I think. I wasn't watching at this point in 1993, and I probably would have thought then what I think now...well, I think it's pretty funny... Also, just to note, I've loved the Lex push up to the events of Summerslam...
  6. JKWebb

    [1993-08-30-WWF-Summerslam] Shawn Michaels vs Mr Perfect

    I'm with Frankensteiner in loving this era of Perfect. I enjoy him as a face here quite a bit, and I really enjoyed this match up to the finish. It also felt to me like they were building to something pretty solid until the end. I liked Bobby on commentary too. "He just hit a man with glasses!" cracked me up.
  7. JKWebb

    [1993-08-02-WWF-Raw] Randy Savage vs Doink the Clown

    Savage still had it in him, but the WWF didn't utilize him. He could have had a much bigger impact in 1993 for them. As a huge Savage fan, it's a bummer.
  8. Going through the YB, and this is the first thing I've commented in MDAs in the past few months... I can't not comment on this... Seriously, this came out of nowhere and blew me away. INCREDIBLE. Lawler continues to remind me he is probably the greatest on the stick of all time. And, I agree... Lawler could have been used for so much more in the WWF at the time. Easily the promo of the year.
  9. I agree, this is one of the best USWA segments of the 90's. Just to think... this is way better than anything going on in the WWF at this time. Savage should have been the guy there, and this feud could have crossed promotions. Both of these guys are so good. It would have been pretty neat for the King to have gotten his WM match at 9 vs. Savage. I bet they could have had one for the ages there. Great segment with the two BITW on the stick at this point (IMO).
  10. Man, this match is fantastic! Definitely my favorite lucha match to this point in 1993, and will end up being one of my favorite matches of the year overall. Mysterio was on fire here.
  11. Love your review Sleeze. Yes this match holds up, and yes this match rules. Ya know, Hennig was incredible in 1988-89 when he joined the WWF. I just wrapped on watching all the squashes and other matches on Prime Time and SNME and big events from that year, and he was incredible. To throw in another true classic post-AWA in WWF, I just wanted to recommend Mr. Perfect vs. Roddy Piper - 12/28/1990. To each his own, but I love Hennig in the WWF and love this match too.
  12. These two guys really just tore into each other here, and I really enjoyed it. Match of the night for me. Good intensity and stiff as hell.
  13. This match just made me want to see Dustin and Steamboat become a full on tag team. Douglas is alright, but Dustin and Steamboat are both so good at firing up! They are a blast to watch together. Oh yeah, and I loved the Windham/Pillman promo after.
  14. JKWebb

    Matches of the Month

    Well, I took a break from YBs for a few months to tackle 1989 WWF. I just wrapped on that which catches me up to the first YB I started (1990). I watched all the major shows beginning with the Hogan era (1984), the house shows, SNMEs, and Prime Times up through 1989. I'm ready to dive in 1993. I may alternate between 1993 and 1996 in the near future, as I want to follow along with the 1996 viewing that the place to be guys are up to right now... we'll see. We start the year off with a promo from Bobby for the continuation of the Flair/Perfect feud and a hint at the arrival of Lex Luger. I'm already sucked in. Also, as I'm watching the first WCW match on the set right now... I really love the commentary team of Tony & Ventura. Really cool seeing HTM show up in Memphis, unfortunately it appears that may not be going anywhere. But, what a great fit. All Japan coming in strong for me the first month of the year. Looks to be a great year for them. Of course, I’ve always loved the Bobby H segments of him trying to sneak into Raw. Luger gets his WWF debut, and starts the run that will cause fans to underrate him as a wrestler for years to come. I still wish Savage had won the Rumble in 1993. I read dig the angle between Perfect and Angle coming out of the Rumble. Lawler is so great at making his angles in Memphis feel so important and logical. Here are my favorite matches from Jan 1993: 1. Mr. Perfect vs. Ric Flair - Raw/LLT - 1/25/93 2. Ric Flair vs. Bret Hart - 1/9/93 3. Misawa & Kawada vs. Gordy & Williams - 1/30/93 4. Kobashi & Kikuchi vs. Akiyama & Ogawa - 1/24/93 5. Eddy Guerrero & El Hijo Del Santo vs. Jerry Estrada & Espanto Jr. - 1/22/93 6. Tenryu/Choshu - 1/4/93 I also really loved the match/angle where the Heavenly Bodies stole the SMW tag belts from the RNR Express. Super cool seeing this angle pop up in WCW in Feb.! Feb starts of with a bang in NJPW! I absolutely loved the 6man and the tension between Tenryu and Hash. Konan was definitely over in a big way, but IMO he was terrible at this point. He reminds me of the Renegade in WCW (his look, but Konan seems worse in the ring). That being said, Lucha is making a comeback for me from 1992 in 1993. I’m LOVING Rey Jr. He’s one of the highlights of the year for me thus far. AAA has just been pretty fun in general. WCW SBIII was such a great PPV and the contrast of WWF at the time with the Hogan comeback just felt so out of touch. Not because it’s Hogan, it’s the presentation and the story and it all just felt so rehashed and outdated compared to the rest of the wrestling around the world at this point. Chad even pointed out how outdated Vince’s tux was when Hogan returned. I was surprised that I chose WWF as my favorite in 1992, but I don’t anticipate that surprise in 1993. It seems like as of Feb. of 93 WWF is on a downswing for me. Feb. had so many great matches, but here are my favorites: 1. Hansen vs. Kawada - 2/28/93 2. Vader vs. Sting - 2/21/93 3. Choshu, Fujinami, Kido & Hase & Iizuka vs. Tenryu, Hara, Ishikawa, Fuyuki & Kitahara - 2/16/93 4. Mysterio Jr., Winners & Super Calo vs. Heavy Metal, Picudo, & Psichosis - 2/14/93 5. Tenryu, Hara & Ishikawa vs. Muto, Nogami & Hash - 2/5/93 6. RNR Express, Steamboat & Douglas vs. Heavenly Bodies & Hollywood Blonds - 2/27/93 March kicked off with one of my favorite segments so far this year, which is the Randy Savage return to Memphis. He has great chemistry with Lawler, and the two of them are probably my favorite two promos in the world at this point. I found the full cage match (from April - the one on the YB was JIP) itself on YouTube, and it was decently fun. Maybe as I progress through the year I'll get a reminder as to why Savage didn't wrestle at WM9, or if it was just a call from the promotion. Either way, still would love to have seen Savage vs. Hart or Savage vs. Lawler at WM9. Either would have been the best match on the card and topped what we got. I've got to say, that the Hollywood Blonds are maybe my favorite act of year thus far. I had seen their PPV matches in the past, but their weekly TV stuff is stellar and consistent. The Ultimo Dragon/Negro Casas match was great gem to find on this set since it was left off of the Top 500 matches of the 90s but yet still so highly regarded by Loss and some others. My Disc 7 was dead, but I dug up what I could find online based on the MDAs. Here are my favorite matches from March: 1. Misawa vs. Kawada - 3/27/93 2. The Hollywood Blonds in general - this won't be taken into account when thinking of my favorite matches of the year, I just thought they had a really great March overall. I don't think any match was a MOTYC, but overall they were my favorite performers for the month and SO consistently great. 3. Tracy Smothers vs. Dirty White Boy - 3/6/93 3. Ultimo Dragon vs. Negro Casas - 3/19/93 4. Ultimo Dragon vs. El Samurai - 3/7/93 I was bummed to skip the WAR show from 04/02/1993, but once I obtain D7 I'll go back to it. Luckily I was able to dive into April with D8 and The SMW Bluegrass Brawl (from 4/2/93). I also went back and found the Mr. Perfect vs. Lawler match from Memphis and the clipped version of the Shawn Michaels vs. Jeff Jarrett matches and both were pretty good. Seems like the Michaels/Jarrett match may have been really good if we had a full version. As I watched the promos building up to WrestleMania, I still couldn't help but wish we got Lawer/Savage at Mania instead of in Oxford, MS . Really enjoying the SMW TV and Cornette drama. It's really cool to see Jericho pop up in the YBs here in Mexico. Here are my favorite matches from April 1993: 1. Stan Hansen vs. Kenta Kobashi (AJ 4/16/93) 2. Toshiaki Kawada vs. Akira Taue (JIP) (AJ 4/12/93) 3. Tracy Smothers vs. Dirty White Boy - 4/2/93 - TN Chain 4. Barry Windham vs. Steven Regal (WWW 4/18/93) 5. Vader vs. Cactus Jack (WCWSN 4/24/93) At this point, I'm leaning towards Kawada as my WOTY through April. I will also say, I find Konnan to be possibly the worst of the year. As I go through May of 1993, I'm so high on the Hollywood Blonds. I had seen all of their PPV and Clash matches in the past, but going through all of the television matches through the year, they've slid into the discussion of my favorite all-time tag teams. At this point, they are my favorite act of 1993 and probably the only folks I'd consider as WOTY alongside Kawada. You know, for me Hansen is in the conversation... he's simply incredible in everything. Here are my favorite matches in May of 1993: 1. Hollywood Blonds vs. Marcus Bagwell & 2 Cold Scorpio - 5/8/93 2. Misawa vs. Stan Hansen - 5/21/93 3. Kawada & Taue vs. Kobashi and Kikuchi - 5/14/93 4. Sting vs. Scott Norton - 5/3/93 I thought Bret was really fantastic at KOTR 1993. Here are my favorite matches from June: 1. Misawa & Kobashi vs. Taue & Kawada - 6/1/93 2. Hash/Tenryu from 6/17/93 3. Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect - KOTR 1993 4. Barry Windham vs. 2 Cold Scorpio - 6/16/93 - (I enjoyed this even more than when I last watched it back in 2016) - Love Barry here! He wrestles like the champ, he's dominant and confident and does a great job selling his unbelief that Scorpio is hanging with him. Great stuff. If it were a little bit longer, it would rank higher for me within the year. I wanted it to keep going. Would have been cool if this one was 2/3 falls. I love the uppercut from Barry near the finish. 5. Misawa, Kobashi & Kikuchi vs. Taue, Kawada & Ogawa - 6/3/93 The WAR vs. NJPW Elimination match was really fun. Loved the dream team. I also really enjoyed the Blonds vs. Arn & Flair while it lasted. I had been thinking WCW was a contender for my favorite promotion of the year. But, man, June of 1993 may be the worst of WCW TV prior to the Russo era. The beach explosion video, the missing Cactus Jack, Flair for the Gold/Roma etc... just not good at all. My favorite moment in June was hands down the Jerry Lawler promo KOTR/Hart Family. Promo of the year. Just INCREDIBLE. Hey, and Gilbert/Funk was awesome too. I think I enjoyed July more than any other month on the set overall. And I know one reason, is one of my favorite matches of all-time, and here are my favorite matches from July. 1. Stan Hansen vs. Kenta Kobashi - AJPW 7/29/93 2. Misawa/Kobashi/Akiyama vs. Kawada/Taue/Ogawa - 7/2/93 AJPW 3. I've always liked this match, but I feel like I was higher on it than normal this time around: Shawn Michaels vs. Marty Jannetty - 7/19/93 4. Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, and Paul Roma vs. Holloywood Blonds and Barry Windham - 7/3/93 5. Kawada vs. Akiyama - 7/9/93 6. Tenryu & Hara vs. Chono and Fujinami - 7/14/93 7. Fuchi & Kawada vs. Akiyama & Misawa - 7/19/93 I really loved The Destroyer retirement ceremony. It's really one of the best I've seen. Good music and lots of emotion. Eddie Gilbert is cracking me up in these King of Philadelphia spots. Seems like he's had a few in most of these segments, and it's pretty funny. At this point, I don't think there is anyway another promotion will catch up to All Japan as my favorite promotion of the year. I also doubt anything will top Hansen and Kobashi for me this year. August 1993 Favorites: 1. 1993-08-30-WWF-Summerslam] Bret Hart vs Doink the Clown / Bret Hart vs Jerry Lawler 2. Genichiro Tenryu vs. Shinya Hashimoto - 08/08/1993 3. 1993-08-31-AJPW-Summer Action Series II] Steve Williams vs Kenta Kobashi 4. 1993-08-20-AJPW-Summer Action Series] Doug Furnas & Dan Kroffat vs Kenta Kobashi & Satoru Asako 5. 1993-08-13-UWFi-Fight of Champions] Vader vs Kazuo Yamazaki 6. 1993-08-20-AJPW-Summer Action Series] Mitsuharu Misawa & Jun Akiyama & Tsuyoshi Kikuchi vs Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue & Masa Fuchi 7. Masahiro Chono vs. Hiroshi Hase - 08/06/1993 8. Hiroshi Hase vs. Tatsumi Fujinami - 08/07/1993 9. Mr. Perfect vs. Jerry Lawler - 08/09/1993 10. 1993-08-30-WWF-Summerslam] Rick & Scott Steiner vs Heavenly Bodies We're in the Lex Express build here, and up to this point, Luger has been really great. It will be interesting to see where this starts to go down hill, but the promo in early August for the contract signing with Yoko is one of his best promos. It may not go downhill for me, because I'm a fan of Lex Luger (especially his late 80's early 90's WCW stuff, and 1997). Well I spoke too soon on that, because what a bust the finish of Yoko/Lex at SS 93 is. They tried too hard with his music and the celebration over the count out victory where he doesn't even win the title took the bloom off the rose for sure. I want to be clear, I think it was the booking, not Lex that messed this run up for him at this point. OH man, and that Luger video... like they are basically comparing him to JFK and MLK etc... oh man... so bad ha. You have to think, this is 1993 and here he is in a dated 80's style video with a bad mullet... doomed. That being said... Vince in Memphis is soooo great. Loving that, and also I really enjoyed Bret Hart in Memphis too. I loved when Jerry started his comeback (in their Memphis cage match) seeing Hart acting like a heel Flair facing Sting. Fun stuff. And of course, the Summerslam 93 between Hart and Lawler is probably my favorite match of the month. August was loaded. September 1993 Favorites: 1. 1993-09-20-NJPW-G1 Climax Special] Shinya Hashimoto vs Great Muta - mannn I loved this ... super hard-hitting ... fantastic 2. Ricky Steamboat vs Steven Regal - Fall Brawl 3. 1993-09-21-Pancrase] Wayne Shamrock vs Masakatsu Funaki 4. 1993-09-12-WWF-All American Wrestling] 1-2-3 Kid vs Marty Jannetty The Vince/Memphis stuff continues to be great. Looking forward to October at this point. I have not watched any Pancrase until now, and I'm pretty interested in watching more and what comes next with that. October Top 5: 1. Kawada/Kobashi - 10/23/93 2. [1993-10-01-WAR] Masa Chono & Shinya Hashimoto vs Genichiro Tenryu & Ashura Hara 3. WCW World Heavyweight Champion Vader vs Ricky Steamboat - WCW Saturday Night 10/16/93 Lumberjack Match 4. 1993-10-16-WWF-Superstars] 1-2-3 Kid vs Pat Tanaka 5. Cactus/Vader - Havoc 93 November Favorites: 1. 11-24-93: Boss Man/Steve Williams vs Kobashi/Misawa 2. 11-4-93: Chono/Hash vs Muto/Hase December Favorites: So, the discovery of Boss Man in AJ is one of my favorite things in this YB. 1. [1993-12-03-AJPW-Real World Tag League] Mitsuharu Misawa & Kenta Kobashi vs Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue 2. Ric Flair vs. Vader - Starrcade 1993 3. [1993-12-01-AJPW-Real World Tag League] Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue vs Steve Williams & Big Bossman 4. Gran Hamada vs Villano IV (FULL 12/17/93)