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  1. Yep, I really love this storyline. They built this really well, and as noted the NWO does feel really fresh. Hogan is super heel here beating up his old friends again and making Liz watch as he does that and trashes Savage. Great angle here. I can remember that it was between Sting and Fall Brawl and Savage vs. Hogan and on through Piper (down the line) that I started hearing the buzz at school about WCW and the interest amongst folks that didn't normally talk about wrestling was picking up (in my school anyway).
  2. Savage & Liz are the best. I love how Savage goes from hyped to distraught - his reaction is great. They get you emotionally invested in this storyline like it's 1991 again.
  3. These segments are fun. I know this is 5 years later ha, but he said "Bill Marriott,." instead of Bill Murray. I assume they were at the Marriott hotel since he was holding a picture of him from some type of brochure in the room...
  4. This was great. It was one of the moments that really sucked me, and all of my friends, into the nWo/Sting/WCW angle back in the day. Sting laying out the nWo and telling Luger/WCW to stick it (after they didn’t trust him) is one of my favorite moments in wrestling. Everyone wanted to see what Sting would do next. This VHS was rented many times.
  5. JKWebb

    [1982-07-10-MACW] Roddy Piper vs Jack Brisco

    Thanks to Chad for tor bringing this one to my attention... I absolutely loved it. Piper delivers a masterful performance here. As noted, the struggle of what would be considered more basic moves is just incredible. I wish I could see this type of struggle and logic applied to matches more frequently in current wrestling. Everything counts. They are trying to win every second, someone can win at any time, there isn't a set up - it's a fight... and that is what makes it so entertaining.
  6. This hits like hidden gem territory for me. The crowd is hot, Sting & Luger are both fired up, Flair is entertaining as can be, the action is hard hitting, and the ending was fun as hell. I'm the high vote on this one. Love the bump Flair takes off the Sting punch onto the apron on the outside.
  7. I love this moment. The first week with Hall is such an iconic moment, but with that slap from Sting - you knew the war was on. Such an awesome angle that obviously changed the business forever. From here through 1997 WCW is probably my time period as a wrestling fan.
  8. I loved the beginning of this match and the pacing throughout with some really great near falls. I am super high on this match. If you love All Japan and haven't seen this one yet - seek it out.
  9. “In WCW they throw hot coffee. Here in ECW we use the whole machine.” YES. Was New Jack the first person that let his song play continuously throughout a match (or, at least all the way through until ended)? I can’t think of others that did that, or at least did it often. I loved that as a teenager when I first got into ECW. It’s fitting for these types of brawls. Yeah, fun watch.
  10. I thought of Elizabeth immediately. This was so dumb. Meanwhile, on the other show She’s having dinner with Flair “spending Macho’s money.” Anyways - more lame stuff from WWF in 1996. At least on Nitro we were getting Malenko vs. Liger.
  11. Incredible. This starts off super hot with the dives and then the violence creates the drama that leads to the great mannerisms and expressions from Tenryu. Fujinami, as noted, gives a great underdog fiery performance as it goes on. The slap at the end is pretty classic. Great match.
  12. Trading spots in a fun match. It started out great with high intensity. I agree, it lost momentum as it went on. I like this one better than the previous as well, but I prefer the Mikey/Sabu match that happened shortly prior to this one to either. I felt like it had more of a story within the match.
  13. This match may not be for everyone, but I think for many that were kids during this era it solidified Shawn as the guy and came across as a legendary match and a great moment. The entrance and the ending will be used as highlights forever. I land around where Marty, Micro & Chad did on this one.
  14. JKWebb

    [1996-03-18-WWF-Raw] Billionaire Ted skit

    I despise this too. This stuff is so dumb... lame... whatever... I would think pretty embarrassing...