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  1. JKWebb

    [1981-10-14-MACW-TV] Roddy Piper vs Jay Youngblood

    I couldn't agree more KB8. I love the finish of this too, he hits the headbutt and they both are out of it into the time limit draw. He's such a great heel on these shows, speaking to all the great stuff you mentioned above. There's another match with Jake Roberts on 6/23/1982, which isn't as good as this one to me, but Ricky Steamboat is commentary and points out all the little things Piper does as a heel in the match which I love. I love his Portland TV stuff too. 100% - it goes without saying, but yeah - Piper is perfect for these TV settings - one of the GOATs no doubt!
  2. Late to the party since I'm watching this YB about 7 years after most, but really glad this made the set. Not the hugest fan of FMW, but loved seeing Ricky Morton here. Loved his performance, and I'd have to say this is my favorite FMW match to date.
  3. What a great moment for DDP, and Sting is such a bad ass here. I love how he - no look - tosses the Bat up in the air behind him into the ring where DDP catches it... then, when the camera comes back Sting already has another bat in hand pointed directly at Hogan. Love this. Great camera shot of Sting too when he started his descent...
  4. JKWebb

    Matches of the Month

    I am already rolling through 1997. It's the year I remember that truly made me a wrestling fan for life. I think I drifted away and only checked in from time to time after WM7 at some point, but by this point I was full force back into everything. Like most everyone around me at the time, it was Nitro that was driving that fandom. That really hasn't changed, as I have been enjoying WCW more than anything else on the YBs. That being said, my first MOTM is: Mitsuharu Misawa vs Kenta Kobashi (AJPW 01/20/97). I'm sure it will be my MOTY as well, as I do think it is the GOAT contender along with Clash 6 and maybe a few others (Hennig/Bock & 6-9-95 come to mind). Jan. Favorites: 1. Mitsuharu Misawa vs Kenta Kobashi (AJPW 01/20/97) 2. Riki Choshu vs Shinya Hashimoto (NJPW Tokyo Dome 01/04/97) 3. Eddy Guerrero vs Syxx (NWO Souled Out 01/25/97) 4. Ultimo Dragon vs Dean Malenko (WCW Clash of the Champions XXXIV 01/21/97) Jan. is great -- You get the DDP/NWO angle, The Randy Savage Return, the Randy Anderson firing -- lots of great moments.  I haven't completed Feb. yet. I'm currently at the ECW Invasion of RAW and LOD just debuted. Feb . Favorites: 1. I was higher on this than the Otani match: Jushin Liger vs Koji Kanemoto (NJPW 02/16/97) 2. Eddy Guerrero & Chris Jericho vs Meng & Barbarian (WCW Monday Nitro 02/24/97) I'm up to April, and I haven't really been tracking my viewing or anything, but the best match in March is obviously Austin vs. Hart from 13. Between Austin/Hart, Sting, the NWO, DDP/Savage & tons of great wrestling - as anticipated, the year that made me a fan for life will probably end up being my favorite Yearbook. The Sting segments are my favorite thing in wrestling, and they truly are my fondest memories as a fan of wrestling period. Austin is my favorite promo, but Bret Hart is really at his best here too. I love the direction Hart has taken by this point. I think my favorite feud at the moment as we get into April is DDP and Savage. As anticipated -- really enjoying the cruiserweight action in WCW - the Dean/Eddie match is probably a little underrated. Pumped to continue on through this year and on through 1999. Austin & Hart are the best thing going in April. Just incredible stuff. My favorite matches in April: 1. El Hijo del Santo, Felino, Black Warrior, Silver King, Dr. Wagner Jr., Satanico, Kevin Quinn & Scorpio Jr. vs Ultimo Dragon, Atlantis, Negro Casas, El Dandy, Shocker, Mascara Magica, La Fiera & Brazo de Oro (CMLL 04/18/97) 2. Randy Savage vs Diamond Dallas Page (WCW Spring Stampede 04/06/97) 3. Bret Hart vs Steve Austin (WWF Revenge of the Taker 04/20/97 4. Shinya Hashimoto vs Naoya Ogawa (NJPW Battle Formation 04/12/97) I think Hashimoto is my favorite discovery from the yearbooks. I just never really dove into Hash until I started going through the years. Each year he rises on the charts as one of my favorites to watch. May Favorites: 1. Ric Flair, Roddy Piper & Kevin Greene vs Scott Hall, Kevin Nash & Syxx (WCW Slamboree 05/18/97) - This is a ton of fun 2. Hidden Gem for me, because I don't think I had seen this before surprisingly: Vader vs Ken Shamrock (WWF Cold Day In Hell 05/12/97) 3. The Eliminators vs Tracy Smothers & Little Guido (ECW Trenton, NJ 05/03/97) - LOVE 4. Hayabusa, Ricky Fuji & Ricky Morton vs Mike Awesome, Hisakatsu Oya & Mr. Gannosuke (FMW 05/13/97); so cool seeing Morton here 5. Steven Regal vs Ultimo Dragon (WCW Slamboree 05/18/97) 6. Shinya Hashimoto vs Naoya Ogawa (NJPW 05/03/97 June Favorites: It has been a while since I have watched some of this, and there may be some of it that I have never seen. In 1997, I was definitely WCW first. However, I typically did try to catch the West Coast RAW feed after Nitro ended. Plus the many years of tape/DVD collecting, 24/7, and now the Network.... That being said, I don't think I realized how much I love Bret Hart in 1997. I would say my peak Bret Hart fandom was probably around the time Wrestling with Shadows came out, and I was big into going back and watching his matches etc..., but he is just at his best by this point. Heel Bret Hart 4-life. I don't know if it is the matches, or if it is just me, but I'm not connecting with NJPW and All Japan by this point in the YB in the ways I have in the previous YBs. Not sure what is up with that, but I do find I want to just get to the Nitro/Raw segments. I prefer emotional investment in wrestling over anything else, which is why Randy Savage is my favorite (because I think he was the best at pulling you in to any match or moment). By this point in 1997, I'm mostly getting that from WWF and WCW. We'll see how it shakes out as the year goes on...
  5. I just want to copy/paste Bigelow34. This is one of my favorite Nitro moments, and I remember being on the edge of my seat for this in 1997. It holds up too! What a scene - the crowd was on fire for this.
  6. I love this Austin promo. He’s the best thing going in the WWF at this point and I agree — probably the best out of ring stuff they’ve had on the show to this point.
  7. No doubt, that crossfaded shot of Sting and Giant at the end of Nitro was incredible. What a moment. Sting is ready to own 1997 and WCW is on fire at this point. I agree about the NWO, yes there were some jobbers in there, but the idea was for them to gain more members from the start. I don't feel like it was diluted at this point, as pointed out, it was folks Sting/Luger/Giant etc could throw around. The Nick Patrick moment was great here. Hogan having all these cronies makes sense. He's on another level heel at this point.
  8. JKWebb

    Matches of the Month

    That's a wrap on 1996. It's definitely my favorite YB so far. Obviously, WCW (which reignited my fandom in 1996) is the biggest part of this for me. But, I do think overall it was the most consistent year across the board from WCW, All Japan, WWF, CMLL, New Japan, ECW & I loved so much of what Tenryu and Takada did throughout the year as well. YB Rankings: 1. 1996 2. 1991 3. 1990 4. 1992 5. 1994 6. 1993 Promotion of the Year 1996: WCW 1995: ECW 1994: WCW 1993: All Japan 1992. WWF 1991: WWF 1990: All Japan I think so many wrestlers had great years in 1996. Hash, Takada, Hogan's great heel run and game changing moments, Shawn Michaels and his athleticism, AJPW and so on... But, I think the wrestler of the year for me was evolutionary, revolutionary, consistent, and he did it everywhere... WOTY 1996: Rey Mysterio Jr. 1995: Mitsuharu Misawa 1994: Vader 1993: Kenta Kobashi 1992: Randy Savage 1991: Randy Savage 1990: Mitsuharu MIsawa Match of the Year 1996: Mitsuharu Misawa & Jun Akiyama vs Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue (AJPW 12/06/96) 1995: Mitsuharu Misawa & Kenta Kobashi vs Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue (AJPW 06/09/95) 1994: Mitsuharu Misawa vs Toshiaki Kawada (AJPW 06/03/94) 1993: Stan Hansen vs. Kenta Kobashi - 7-29-1993 1992: Sting vs. Vader from Starrcade 1992 1991: Warrior vs. Savage WM7 1990: El Dandy vs. El Satanico - 12/14/1990 For the first time, I think I'm going with Austin/Hart from Survivor Series as my US MOTY in 1996. My other top two matches of the year (outside of the overall MOTY: Mitsuharu Misawa & Jun Akiyama vs Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue (AJPW 12/06/96) ------ were Toshiaki Kawada vs Kenta Kobashi (AJPW 05/24/96) and El Hijo del Santo vs Negro Casas vs El Dandy (CMLL 12/06/96). Other MOTYCs: Stan Hansen vs. Kenta Kobashi - 09/05/1996— Shawn/Diesel and Shawn/Mankind - Sting, Lex Luger & Randy Savage vs Ric Flair, Chris Benoit & Steve McMichael (WCW Monday Nitro 07/29/96) - Rey/Psicosis from BATB and Nobuhiko Takada vs. Shinya Hashimoto (NJ 4/29/96). A few matches I want to call out as personal favorites and because of the moment would probably round out a top 10 or so for me: BATB 1996 Main Event and even higher on Fall Brawl 1996 Main. Looking forward to 1997 and watching more of Austin's rise...
  9. Hogan rules the end of 96. The heat he gets is off the charts. This segment is incredible from Piper to Hogan and the Giant turn. I like the idea of Giant realizing he’s not getting what he wants out of the nWo so he’s pissed, plus Hogan was fantastic here. I love him waiting until he is safe outside the ring before he tells the boys to “get him.” Nice touch to get even more heat rather than the more obvious choice of a low blow.
  10. I agree - odd this moment isn’t talked about more. Love this match and pop Luger gets at the end when he pulls out the victory. Love this PPV.
  11. This a masterful Hollywood Hogan heel Performance. Also, Piper coming out was a huge moment. I love his delivery of the line that Hogan didn’t make the fans, they made him. This was really entertaining from top to bottom.
  12. Yep, I really love this storyline. They built this really well, and as noted the NWO does feel really fresh. Hogan is super heel here beating up his old friends again and making Liz watch as he does that and trashes Savage. Great angle here. I can remember that it was between Sting and Fall Brawl and Savage vs. Hogan and on through Piper (down the line) that I started hearing the buzz at school about WCW and the interest amongst folks that didn't normally talk about wrestling was picking up (in my school anyway).
  13. Savage & Liz are the best. I love how Savage goes from hyped to distraught - his reaction is great. They get you emotionally invested in this storyline like it's 1991 again.
  14. These segments are fun. I know this is 5 years later ha, but he said "Bill Marriott,." instead of Bill Murray. I assume they were at the Marriott hotel since he was holding a picture of him from some type of brochure in the room...