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[2017-01-07-WWN-Style Clash] Fred Yehi vs Anthony Henry

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1/7/17 Styles Clash Fred Yehi vs Anthony Henry 4 1/4*

I really liked this match, and if it was in a different enviroment I would have probably rated it higher. I really liked the mat work early. Both guys did a great job of being s selling and putting over the strikes and moves. Yehi working at least 5 different ways to stomp a hand or hamstring was really masterful. They did this suplex exchange that I wasn't a fan of. I liked the build and the escalation in this. The work was basic but gritty, and got me invested. Going 30 minutes with the champ also helps Henry. So we got a great match, and established Henry in the promotion. When you establish things like wins important, a draw can matter .

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