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[1979-07-31-AJW] Black Pair (Mami Kumano & Yumi Ikeshita) vs Queen's Angels (Lucy Kayama & Tomi Aoyama)


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I reviewed this match here:



The Black Pair of Mami Kumano and Yumi Ikeshita beat the Queen Angels of Lucy Kayama and Tomi Aoyama 2 falls to 0, with a backdrop suplex hold on Kayama in the first and a suplex hold on Tomi Aoyama in the 2nd. Really good match. The story of the match was that Kayama had a knee injury coming into it and The Black Pair were on it like flies. They were really great here as a Demolition-like team just stomping mudholes through people and throwing big knee drops. Kayama's offense is god awful but her selling is really good and made up for it. Tomi was good all match long showing lots of fire and I really liked her push kicks. The heels ripped off Kayama's knee tape then of course choked her with it while stepping on her head. In the second fall they used chairs and double teamed Tomi the whole way and even hung her with a headlock at one point before putting it away, as Kayama had to be carried out while her partner took a whooping. Really recommend everyone check out the Black Pair as they did a lot of simple things really well and made you very sympathetic to Kayama. Rating:***1/2


Some shots from it:



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Really great match. After going back and forth for approximately one minute, the Black Pair get ahold of the injured Kayama and go on to savagely beat her up, targetting the injured knee. At one moment, they start choking Kayama with the tape on her knee, the ref starts a count but Aoyama runs in, so he stops counting the Black Pair and goes to count Aoyama to get off the ring. That's really peak heel shit. Aoyama eventually gets back in and she gets a comeback with big dropkicks and a suplex before she starts getting double-teamed. She's thrown to her corner and Kayama tags in. Aoyama tries to grab her and stop her but the evil Black Pair have already gotten a hold of her. That's a really great dramatic moment. Kayama can't even continue after the first fall, so Aoyama has to go out there and fend for herself while Kayama gets carried to the back. Aoyama also takes a beating. After managing to briefly turn the tide, she does a giant swing and throws one of the Black Pair outside but as she's going for a dive, she takes a chair shot to the head. And so the nefarious Black Pair win in straight falls.

A valid criticism would be the ref just standing there and watching the Black Pair break every single rule, but this is exactly the type of tag match that I find insanely entertaining. The Black Pair were really great heel team and Kayama and Aoyama were both really sympathetic babyfaces in different ways.

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