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[2000-11-05-ECW-November to Remember] Steve Corino vs The Sandman vs Jerry Lynn vs Justin Credible (Double Jeopardy)


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Double Jeopardy - Steve Corino vs Jerry Lynn vs Sandman vs Justin Credible


This match was absolutely awful.


The rules are pretty cool - 2 matches are going on at the same time and the two winners fight each other to determine the winner of the match. Cool scenario, lots of various things you can do with it and it's something really unique.


Unfortunately, this was about as bad as you can do it. Remember the 2 matches thing? Well, Sandman doesn't come in until about 5 mins and then drinks for another few in the crowd and they don't do a 2v1 with the heels vs Lynn, so they miss out again. During this, there's bladejobs and people are busted open, while absolutely no one pays attention, including the cameras. This was the WWE Network version too, so no Enter Sandman and weird crowd micing.


When the match finally starts, it's no good. Sandman immediately just starts beating up everyone and it basically becomes a four way. No story was worked and they tried but failed to establish a partnership with the two faces of Sandman/Lynn or the two heels of Corino/Credible. Everyone just ends up fighting each other, and 2 people are always outside the ring throwing each other into the barricades. They do some of the weakest ladder spots I've ever seen and Sandman suplexes Corino on a rail while hitting his head off of it.


They then do double pins on the Sandman and Lynn...the two faces, leaving only the two heels of Corino/Credible to fight. The crowd doesn't really get into it, but it's a little better than what we got before. Francine and Dawn Marie get in and we get the obligatory Francine thong shot, before the guys get hit in the nuts and Corino hits Credible with an awful superkick to end this.


This match was awful and a total fail. This was ECW at its worst and they took a really good concept and completely blew it. I have no idea what they were thinking here.

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Holy shit was this convoluted. The booking on this show was poor and what should have been a big moment for Corino felt really underwhelming. I think Corino vs any of the other three opponents in a one on one match would have been more appealing but the double jeopardy portion was too cute and confusing. Dawn Marie turns on Corino at the end and both of the big superkicks against Francine and then for the finish were pretty big whiffs. Bummer because behind Tajiri, Corino is the best thing about ECW in 2000 but this doesn’t feel like his big moment and feels like a promotion trying to do something edgy like the 3 way dance moniker but it just feels hollow and lame in the year 2000. **1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-05-ECW-November to Remember] Steve Corino vs The Sandman vs Jerry Lynn vs Justin Credible (Double Jeopardy)
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Joey Styles runs down the rules for this unique ‘Double Jeopardy’ match.  There will be two matches taking place in the same ring at the same time, Jerry Lynn vs Justin Credible and Steve Corino vs The Sandman.  All four men can interact with each other, however only Corino can eliminate the Sandman, only Lynn can eliminate Credible and vice versa, Lynn, for example, can’t eliminate either Corino or the Sandman.  When the two winners emerge they will then go at it and the match will be decided by pinfall or submission.  Jeez, I think I’ve got all that.  Huh, where’s the Sandman?  Credible, Lynn and Corino each make their entrances and we’re now getting the ring introductions without him.  Maybe he’s been drinking all PPV and has passed out in the back somewhere.  Forget ‘Double Jeopardy’ this is more like ‘double huh’ as it’s starting without him.  Despite the wrestlers being allowed to interact with each other, Corino is happy to sit on the top turnbuckle and leave Credible and Lynn to it.  FFS, when he does decide to involve himself it’s to break up a fucking pinfall!  The crowd, who were chanting for the Sandman, are now chanting for Rob Van Dam, presumably expecting a replacement.  Rather than choose to help either Lynn or Credible, Corino alternates between attacking the two.  Eventually the Sandman’s (dubbed) music starts and I wonder if he’ll take another five minutes on his entrance or show a bit of urgency.  Like I needed to ask, he’s not even facing the ring as he sinks beers in amongst the fans.  Lynn has been busted open, we missed seeing how as Sandman’s entrance was deemed more important.  In a way I suppose this could be considered smart by the Sandman, letting everyone else slug it out while he gets progressively more pissed.  Finally he decides to involve himself, caning Lynn from the floor and when he gets into the ring, caning Credible too.  He opens a can of beer but Corino swipes it out of his hands, he’s next to be caned followed by Jack Victory.  Lynn and Credible attack the Sandman although neither can eliminate him.  This is confusing as fuck.  Sandman finds himself a ladder, returns to the ring and whips everyone into it in turn.  He suplexes Corino into the upright ladder before burying him underneath it and hitting a slingshot somersault senton.  The four switch up who they’re working with, Sandman bulldogging Credible onto the ladder.  I just don’t get the thinking behind why he would do this.  Cyrus can’t either it seems, just referring to Sandman as a “belligerent drunk” who doesn’t know what he’s doing.  All four are now bleeding by the way.  Lynn with a tombstone piledriver on Credible, however Francine is in there and jumping on top of John Finnegan to stop the count.  That brings in Dawn Marie but amazingly we don’t get the cat fight spot, Corino getting between the two and ordering Dawn out of there.  Considering they do the cat fight every match, from the way the fans boo Corino you would think they’ve never seen Francine and Dawn go at it before!  Great double superkick on Lynn by Corino and Credible.  Corino counters the Sandman’s Russian legsweep into the ‘Old School Expulsion’ at the same time as Credible hits his finisher and we have ourselves a double elimination.  Christ, that’s too cute.  The crowd are chanting “bullshit” at that, although I can’t tell if it’s because Lynn or Sandman were eliminated or because the eliminations conveniently happened at exactly the same time.  The two remain at ringside and both involve themselves some more in the match.  After Corino suplexes Credible through a table that he’d earlier bought into the ring, Francine wanders in to help her man to his feet.  Walking right in front of the officials who just let this pass.  Credible pulls her in the way of a Corino superkick to save himself and then gets a shoulder up after an ‘Old School Expulsion’.  A second ‘OSE’, but before Corino can make the cover Dawn Marie turns on him, low blowing him, not happy with how he has been treating her.  A trio of cane shots from Credible, Corino doesn’t go down though and replies with a superkick.  That floors Justin, almost anti-climactically, and we have ourselves a new ECW World champion.  Jerry Lynn hands over the title belt while also having a few words, presumably wanting the first crack at him.

I imagine the ‘Double Jeopardy’ idea looked good on paper, it just didn’t work in practice and there is good reason why it has never been tried since.

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