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[2017-01-20-BASARA] Ikuto Hidaka vs Ryota Nakatsu


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I thought their match last year was good and this one surpassed it. Hidaka was a little less forgiving this go round and Nakatsu was able to showcase his growth as a wrestler over the past year. They established the limbwork early on and the story was told compellingly up through the finish, thanks to some terrific selling from both guys but Nakatsu in particular. While Hidaka's works the leg to set-up the Shawn Capture, Nakatsu does a good job of staying on Hidaka's arm, going back to it in times of need and after almost every two count. The Shawn Capture finish was perfect, with Hidaka having to drag Nakatsu back to the middle of the ring and he gives him this little knee to the leg before applying it for the submission. The camerawork wasn't ideal and the in-ring tempo could've been a little higher. Otherwise, a nice hidden gem.

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