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Between the Sheets #83 (February 15-21, 1998)


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Kris & David are guestless this week to discuss the week that was February 15-21, 1998. We talk about the tragic death of Louie Spicolli and how the wrestling industry handled it for the good or bad. We also talk about a big week in the WWF with No Way Out of Texas on PPV and Shawn Michaels’ serious back issues. We then cover All-Japan talking to ECW & WWF, Don Frye catching fire in New Japan, Paco Alonso & Victor Quinones burying the hatchet, ECW & NWA New Jersey having more issues, IWA Mid-South’s Eddie Gilbert Memorial Show, and Hulk Hogan’s lust for power makes WCW revolve around him even more. This is a loaded show so listen now!!!


0:00:00 Louie Spicolli

0:52:55 WWF

2:04:23 Japan: AJPW, NJPW, Fuyuki Army, Tarzan Goto, AJW, Arsion, Gaea, & LLPW

2:48:34 Classic Commercial break

2:50:51 Housekeeping & The Amazon Game

3:14:32 Latin America: AAA, EMLL, Monterrey, Promo Azteca, & WWC

3:33:11 ECW & NWA New Jersey

3:52:05 U.S. Indies: ECWA, IPWA, IWA Mid-South, Music City Wrestling, Jerry Lawler, APW, & Portland

4:26:33 WCW

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Tekno Team 2000 actually came back to WWF TV briefly in 1996 with a "NEW ATTITUDE." But I don't remember Erik's name popping up in any of the usual developmental spots in between that and WCW. Cagematch doesn't list any matches at all in that period.


Great Louie Spicolli tribute. Louie as a Chris Farley character would have been a lot of fun.


Now I wanna hear you guys do a 1997-1998 Shotgun Saturday Night show...

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That Dr did more damage than Zohorian, hearing the stories on him made my gut wrench. I was 10 when Specolli died and I thought it was a work because of how WCW handled his death. I wasnt aware of his work in ECW or WWF because I started watching wrestling literally a weeks after his last tv appearance in WWF. He was only weeks into his WCW run and the way he was booked it made since than he'd fake his death to get out of the match but my older brother looked at me and was told me that he was really dead. I had no clue he was only 27. He was the Gino Hernandez or the 90's?

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