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  1. Really enjoyed this. Any chance of putting your lists up here (under a spoiler, maybe)?
  2. BigBadMick

    The Arn Anderson podcast

    Is anyone still listening to this? I enjoyed the new format for quite a while, but found that after a few months in JCP it felt like a recap of storylines rather than going deeper as they had previously. I think I finished up around Starrcade 85.
  3. BigBadMick

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    And I would recommend listening to these after each match...
  4. BigBadMick

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    I watched the trilogy about a year ago. You could watch 2 alone, but I think they benefit from being watched chronologically.
  5. BigBadMick

    AEW Rampage - October 29, 2021

    Come on, now. Regardless of booking flaws, his work from 2018 until this year was superb. Off the top of my head, tv matches with Roman, Styles, Andrade, Kingston, both Usos, Adam Cole and tags with Rowan were all great.
  6. BigBadMick

    Maybe Not Taue (Official GWE Podcast)

    Just a query about your Top 25 wrestlers for 1990. In saying that Randy Savage was still great that year, even if not provided with opportunities to show that skill, doesn't that fly in the face of everyone else on the list? You're listing off the accomplishments of everyone else in 1990, even stating stan hansen had his weakest year in the 1985-95 decade, and that reflects his low placement. I agree with your overall point about greatness not being displayed at certain times through lack of opportunity, but is Randy Savage the only one given this exemption?
  7. BigBadMick

    My World : Jeff Jarrett's podcast

    Finished the podcast - what exactly was Jarrett’s complaint in the middle of the show? Something along the lines of the questions he prepared to answer didn’t concern the late 80s and early 90s? Felt weird. Also, are these episodes live on the video feed? If not, they really should have taken a break to talk among themselves..
  8. BigBadMick

    My World : Jeff Jarrett's podcast

    Listening now. Conrad portraying a moody prick gets irritating quickly. By the way, has ‘chat me up’ any meaning in the US? Here, to chat someone up is to flirt.
  9. BigBadMick


    Could we get a list of Sheamus's best matches in 2020-21? Keep hearing he's doing great work lately....
  10. BigBadMick

    Shawn Michaels vs Kenny Omega

    Can we get a revised example of a self conscious epic, then? Or was the term all wrong?
  11. BigBadMick

    WWE TV 10/04 - 10/10 Who will be Smash's final DLC character?

    I was 18 when Bob was WWF Champion
  12. BigBadMick

    Wrestling before or after 1996?

    Bumping this - I think it's always nice to get an occasional gauge on what the mood is like here. I'm firmly entrenched in 1992 WCW at the minute. As for contemporary viewing, I watch Roman's segments and matches on Smackdown, and Danielson and Punk in AEW.
  13. BigBadMick

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    Does anyone know of timestamps for Cornette Exprience and Drive-Thru? There's usually a few topics I'd like to hear, but wading through trying to find it......
  14. BigBadMick

    WWE TV 09/20 - 09/26 New Day vs Bloodline YESSIR

    Bogan? I know, I could google it, but give us the local interpretation....
  15. BigBadMick

    Barry Windham

    His best since ‘88, I’d say.