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[1989-01-27-WCCW] Brickhouse Brown vs Iceman Parsons (Texas Death)

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Devastation Inc, Embry, Jarrett and JJ Funk got involved and that unfortunately ended this. This was a really great and classic match. Parsons was on top of his game here and was such an awesome heel. He was just nasty trying to make Brick call him Master. I loved how he had it in control and was strutting and taunting the fans, with the fans buying into it and yelling at him back. Loved his punches and his selling was also a ton of fun too. This was your classic brawl and a total lost gem that I was thrilled to discover. I legit may go 5 stars because this was pretty great. Definitely a must see if you are into the Memphis brawling style. I was really disappointed when the heels jumped in and ended this, but nothing I can really do about it. Rating:*****


I reviewed the match with pics and gifs here:



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