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Space City! An NWA ON DEMAND Podcast 2/21/17


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Pete and Johnny are live in Space City! discussing the week of uploads of nwaondemand.com. What a week it was.

1. Ivan Koloff promo
-The boys discuss their memories of Ivan. Pete shares his memories of interviewing him.

2. Ivan Putski vs Bull Ramos 1/2/81
3.Bugsy McGraw vs Rempalago Leon 1/2/81
4. Ernie Ladd vs Tom Jones angle 1/2/81
5. Gino Hernandez vs Scott Casey 1/2/81
-Pete and Johnny discuss the 1/2/81 card. The importance of creating a tradition, and the use of Andre.
6. Dynamic Duo vs Mil Mascaras/Manny Fernandez 9/18/81
-Thoughts on the Duo as an all time great tag team.
7. Dynamic Duo vs JYD/Tiger Conway Jr 9/25/81
-The boys gush over this match.
-Tiger putting it all together here.
-Using a great angle to enhance a match.

8. Get the tubio app to watch on your Roku

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