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[2017-02-12-Chikara-Hour of Power] Max Smashmaster vs Mark Angelosetti


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Often times in booking the best stories leave both guys strong, and I get what they were going for here, but felt this really exposed Max. He's a super heavyweight and this is a pretty long match all things considered. TD is fantastic fighting as the undersized guy, while still slamming Max and getting in other good power moves. Smashmaster has some ok power stuff, a decent punch, and can do the swanton, but he looked wiped out here. And a lot of basic stuff like throwing whiffed clothelines off the rope, or charging at TD outside looked painfully bad. Bakabella works hard here to cover for this, drawing TD away and even getting hit with a nice looking forearm for his trouble. Smashmaster wins with a jumping Tombstone, but I thought Mr. TD was really good here. Smashmaster gets his third singles win to now get a title shot, and has a nice W under his belt even if he really was carried here. **1/2

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