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[2017-02-12-Chikara-Hour of Power] Travis Huckabee vs Silver Ant

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So Huckabee is the ref turned wrestler who is the scrappy guy who outworks everyone. He's got a 70s throwback type gimmick, from the ring jacket to holding his arm behind his back as he waves to acknowledge the crowd. It's a little Backlund-esque (credit to Chad for this analogy). So I expected this to be a lot of just masturbatory ground grappling exhibition stuff, but this is actually a good little story driven contest. They do mat stuff but Huckabee finds unique ways to reverse or get out of moves, which just pisses Silver Ant off and he starts seemingly shoot-suplexing him around. They play up the time limit remaining stip (for the hour of Power) and Huckabee makes kickout after kickout before Silver Ant has had enough and puts him in one of those Chikara Special submissions and he taps. For a rookie, i thought Huckabee was pretty solid here and this was enjoyable. ***

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