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[2017-02-05-RevPro] Zack Sabre Jr vs Mike Bailey

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A feeling out process to start. No one seems to gain an advantage. Barrage of kicks and chops from Bailey. Sabre strikes with a kick to the leg. He uses some leg lock.s. ZSJ even using leg locks in the crowd. Bailey is selling the leg, but is firing off kicks . ZSJ is just tearing up the leg. Bailey with a kick right at the ear. Bailey mounts a comeback. ZSJ catches him in a kneebar, ohhh rope break.The crowd has been pretty mediocre. Bailey with a standing shooting star. Enzurgi, followed by a moonsault block to the floor by Bailey. Shooting star by Bailey right into a lifter, followed by a brainbuster, and then the PK for a near fall. Palm strike from Bailey. ZSJ turns a kneebar into a stretchmuffler for the tap. 4*

I've got to put over Bailey's selling.

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