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[2017-02-11-NWA Smoky Mountain-Encore 2017: The Final Chapter] Jason Kincaid vs Chase Owens

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Jason Kincaid vs Chase Owens


This is no time limit, anything goes. Quick exchanges to start. This is a 5 year run for Kincaid. Superkick party by Owens. Owens slams him on the apron. Kincaid counters the package piledriver. A cutter on the ropes by Owens. Two topes and then a suplex on the floor by Kincaid. Commentary mentioning Owens bad neck. Kincaid throwing all his big moves with this. Kincaid stomping on his fingers. Kincaid slaps the shit out of Owens. Reverse sleeper by Kincaid. Crowd doesn't seem hot for this. Owen's hits a Style Clash for a great nearfall. One Winged Angel gets 2. Roaring elbow into a package piledriver. 2 3/4*

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