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New Observer notes for 1/30


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Significant neck damage has led to Kurt Angle having his hand go numb again. He’s set for another MRI this week.


Angle went into shock at WM 19 after the Brock match.


WWE’s Mexico trip ended up setting the record for all time biggest gate. (443,000 for HHH Vs Beniot) the prior record was Konnan vs Cien Caras (400,000)


JBL heeled it up by saying he beat Mil Mascaras for the Mexican Hwy Title back in the 90’s (heels are allowed to lie)


Flair/Edge TLC was the highest rated match in over a year


In the 2000 lawsuit settlement the WWE paid warrior 900,000 and both parties agreed not to publicly rip on the other, so Warrior feels the DVD did so and thus he’s entitled to more damages


Finlay’s debut brought in 500,000 extra viewers a rare occurrence for a new guy


Raw’s attendance rose in December – SD!’s did not


Terry Funk sold the Double Cross Ranch recently


Jericho has a role as an android in a Sci Fi Channel original movie coming soon


Bill Dundee’s Grandson, and Bobby Eaton’s son D.L. Eaton made his debut recently, during the same show Bobby /Bill started a feud


Billy Jack Haynes was attacked by 2 men with brass knuckles and beat up pretty badly. He is known to be in some shady circles and this was a “hit”


Carmen Electra’s Naked Women’s Wrestling League (booked by Dory Funk jr) recently taped a TV pilot and PPV. Jimmy Hart and April Hunter were both on air talent


Kevin Von Erich’s son Ross wants to be a wrestler, he’s 18 and about to train


TNA and WWE can assume a big name is worth bringing in on this scale roughly: $60,000 can be paid off with 5,000 added buys. Dave thinks Jericho and Goldburg would do one shots for TNA under that price.


Shannon Moore is dating Droz ex wife


Cena vs HHH is on tap for WMania – Many agents were pulling for Edge to keep the belt due to recent big ratings with him on top (Compared to SS Graham’s aborted reign)


Dibiase has heat backstage for having too much of any “80’s view on wrestling


Vince wanted to run WM 23 at Pontiac Silverdome as a 20 year anniversary, but Ford’s Field looks to be the new choice


SS Graham and Vince had a angle planned, but SS Graham wanted to get physical and Vince didn’t want Graham to accidentally get hurt, so things were scrapped


Orlando Jordon’s Boyfriend will be played by one of his real life friends


Burchill will be a face soon


Prior to Dean Visk being cut, Creative contacted the 46 year old WARLORD (of POP) to ask if he’s like to make a comeback as a team with Visk


Foley has creative control in his new contract


HHH says Cena is being boo’d cause Angle doesn’t know how to play heel


Angle and his wife Karen are back together


Terry Funk will be the main draw of One Night Stand II


Rey Misterio Sr may be brought in to help push Rey, plus the band that does his music was contacted for WMania (a live show)


Juvented claimed to some this week that he wasn’t fired, and was stuck in Mexico with Visa problems thanks to the terror alert level



I can't believe Kevin Von Erich's son wants to get into the business. I guess they must not talk about his uncles very much.


Isn't it ironic that DiBiase has heat for being too 80s, yet they wanted to team up Dean Visk with the WARLORD? Who's more 80s than him?

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