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[2017-03-11-AMIBITION 8] Jeff Cobb vs WALTER


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For those of you who don't know: AMBITION is a pseudo-shootstyle tournament wXw runs once a year.


This was very good for what it was; WALTER clubbers Cobb, Cobb throws an absolutely hellish suplex and finishes with a nasty neck crank. The problem was that it went 2 minutes. Seriously, screw wXw for that shitty booking because this could have been great. Still, that Cobb suplex has to be seen.

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The fundamental problem with your review is that you disregard the very promotional nature of AMBITION. It has only survived because they can now put it on as a sideshow attraction during a 3-4 day tournament weekend. Just check out the Hikaru Sato weekend to see how much of a financial debacle the double shot system could be (2 days, one day wrestling, the other AMBITION). Because of the placement of the show they now have established AMBITION as a complementary niche attraction for their tournaments. It is almost absurd to view the match length as a booking decision unrelated to the weekend as a whole. Also, you might even want to perceive this weakness rather as an advantage. Or do you prefer the more artificially stretched matchups like Rico Bushido vs Carnage? AMBITION has a completely different flow for a reason.

In the end your perception of AMBITION will to a degree boil down to the question if you have ever attended a whole tournament weekend live. I was at the very first event in 2010 with Daniel Bryan and could see a good percentage of the small crowd not being able to enjoy this concept at all. And I can't exactly blame them for that. What I can blame you for is your sub-par Blackmunk'ish review (you may now feel offended ;) )

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What I can blame you for is your sub-par Blackmunk'ish review (you may now feel offended ;) )


Aw man, I'm not that bad.


I understand there are limitations for niche events like this. However, the tournament had 3 matches that went 6-10 minutes, and everything else was 5 minutes or below, with 1 match going exactly 1 minute and Cobb/Walter going 2 and a half. So the combined time of all the matches on this card was 40 MINUTES. That kind of thing is a joke even for a sideshow and it wouldn't have hurt to give some of these bouts 5-6 minutes more time. As the matches with Thatcher showed you can have a very good match in 6, 8 or 10 minutes. Plus, Cobb and WALTER are far superior workers compared to Carnage and Rico. But doing anything special in a 2 minute match is near impossible. So this match was just a tease and nothing more.

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