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[2001-11-13-T2P] KENtaro Mori & Takamichi Iwasa vs Masato Yoshino & Stevie Tsujimoto


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A pudgy black metal cosplayer teaming with a prettyboy against a japanese guy pretending to be black and another pretty boy dressed as Tarzan. The one thing that T2P got right is to supplement the spots with cool matwork and submissions: some of the execution here was a little soft (naturally), but the techniques were positively wonky and IWRG-like. Yoshino and Tsujimoto/YASSHI added some heel tactics to give this something to it beyond "young guys experimenting". The stuff between the spots was pretty lacking as always with these stomp-happy Toryumon guys, but they stuck to whacky submissions and tricked-out reversals, and it was for the better. Very fun experimental juniors match.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2001-11-13-T2P] KENtaro Mori & Takamichi Iwasa vs Masato Yoshino & Stevie Tsujimoto
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Whacky Dragon System name changes tricked me into writing another review for this, for posterity:


Much of T2P was basically thrown together ideas for cool moves and sequences. That was felt strongly here, altough the match had a solid structure. You get the initial matwork sections, then a stretch of Yasshi and Yossino working heelishly and hitting a variety of double team moves before a hot ending run. Pretty simple formula but it works fine. My favourite section here was probably the Yossino/Mori hold exchanges which felt like the lucharesu equivalent of two fired up U-Style guys going at it on the mat. Really slick and fast movements. Double teams were cool and the finishing run had some cool, some slightly wonky stuff. It didn't help that this had a whole 7 minutes clipped from it. Still, a nice showing, and probably the most inspied brother YASSHI performance ever.

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