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[2015-09-06-Stardom] Kairi Hojo vs KAORU


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5★STAR Grand Prix Blue Stars Block: Kairi Hojo vs. KAORU

KAORU was working old school heel style; arrogant, calculative, methodical, but she's a high flyer too and was quick to remind Hojo of that whenever the Real Pirate tried to get flashy. Hojo would dig down deep for her comebacks, super motivated to advance to the finals of the tournament, but KAORU's thick slab of wood was always there to stop her progression. Simple, effective storytelling. There's a gruesome spot where KAORU counters Hojo's diving forearm by batting her out of the air with the wood. Hojo gets struck on the arm and rolls to the outside writhing and screaming in agony. Some great mature woman heel work that makes Hojo's victory a satisfying one. ***1/2

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