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  1. World of Stardom Championship: Kagetsu (c) vs. Jungle Kyona Kyona was so amazing here, from the little details to dramatic moments like when she defiantly removes the tape from her injured arm. I really enjoyed the encounter between these two in the GP last year so it was great to see them build off of that in the main event of Korakuen Hall. ****
  2. Wonder of Stardom Championship: Momo Watanabe (c) vs. Tam Nakano Some variation in Momo's formula would have made this more exciting for me, but it was still a good bout. I liked the cruelness displayed by the champion and Tam gave an emotional performance, showing lots of fighting spirit. ***1/2
  3. EVE International Championship / SWA World Championship: Viper (c) vs. Utami Hayashishita Simple, effective story of Utami fighting to overcome the much larger opponent in Viper. This was feeling a little off pacing wise, but it got better as it progressed and the finish was a satisfying payoff. ***1/4
  4. STARS (Arisa Hoshiki, Mayu Iwatani & Saki Kashima) vs. Queen's Quest (AZM, Bea Priestley & Konami) Great 8th anniversary match for Mayu who was also returning from injury. I thought everyone put in a strong performance, with Mayu and Bea showing off new offensive techniques. ***3/4
  5. High Speed Championship: Hazuki (c) vs. Starlight Kid Great High Speed bout, there were some cool sequences and an intensity from both wrestlers that elevated the action. Starlight Kid has been showing edge lately with those open hand slaps and growls. ***3/4
  6. Future of Stardom Championship: Starlight Kid (c) vs. Utami Hayashishita Great heavy vs. junior battle, even though Starlight Kid was on the offensive for much of the match, you could sense her desperation as she tried to keep Utami from mounting offense. A condensed epic that evokes Liger-Hashimoto. ***3/4
  7. Meiko Satomura vs. Reika Saiki This match had great heat and energy from the crowd. It follows the usual Satomura vs. rookie formula and Reika delivered a strong performance on her end. ***3/4
  8. Goddesses of Stardom Championship: Queen's Quest (Momo Watanabe & Utami Hayashishita) (c) vs. STARS (Saki Kashima & Tam Nakano) Saki & Tam develop chemistry as the match goes on while Momo & Utami are a well-oiled duo. This was a really fun match with strong sequences and drama built around Saki's flash pin. ***3/4
  9. High Speed Championship: Mary Apache (c) vs. Hazuki High paced, intense affair. Mary made counters that were punctuated by heavy hits and Hazuki gave her usual surly big boots. I thought they built tension well with the near falls leading into the finish where Hazuki almost bumps her neck into sawdust with a Shooting Star. ***1/4
  10. aguakun

    [2018-09-30-Stardom] Kagetsu vs Momo Watanabe

    World of Stardom Championship / Wonder of Stardom Championship: Kagetsu (c) vs. Momo Watanabe (c) Well worked champion vs. champion clash, one of the better 50/50 bouts I've seen this year. Progression felt natural and it breezed through its 20+-min duration. A 50/50 affair that isn't heavily reliant on "big move -> kickout" is always a major plus for me! Could've used a stronger ending, but oh well. ****
  11. aguakun

    2018 Wrestler of the Year

    Omega, Ospreay, ZSJ.
  12. aguakun

    2018 Match of the Year

    I like Okada-Omega (NJPW, 6/9).
  13. aguakun

    Current New Japan

    The Naito/Jericho feud is really hot. Only western fans with no sense of appreciation are bitching about it, and I for one am glad that New Japan will never cater to those types.
  14. The crowd reaction on this show was poor in general. The main event ended with polite claps - in Ryogoku!
  15. 5STAR Grand Prix 2018 Block B: Kagetsu vs. Utami Hayashishita A 10-year veteran vs. an undefeated super rookie, the story writes itself. Utami's kill moves have been so well established that the crowd was sold on her possibly making the Red Belt champion submit. I liked how Utami got desperate with that illegal chokehold as she felt victory slipping from her grasp. ***3/4