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[2000-04-30-WWF-Backlash] D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley vs Test & Albert


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T&A vs Dudley has been a good fully formed angle and this match serves as a satisfying conclusion for all parties. T&A have some juice behind them finally with Trish coming into her role goading Bubba. The match itself features some really good heavyweight tag action that plays a nice contrast to the multitude of athletic tag teams in WWF currently. I don’t know how safe Test was but he absolutely demolished both Dudleys at different points in the match. The finish seems to be a continuation with T&A picking up the cheap win with Bubba being mesmerized by Trish. Post match, Bubba comes to his senses and pounces on Trish anyway sending her through the table to a mammoth pop. This overachieved for me. ***1/4

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It's crazy to think that Test and Albert were getting such a nice rub at this point. Bubba Ray Dudley is just crazy over and it's insane to think that him degrading and powerbombing women through tables was leading to him becoming so insanely popular.


The match was solid although the T and A control segment felt like it went on for ages. They work some nice misdirections into the finishing sequence and Test boots Bubba for the win. Strange to see the Dudleys jobbing here but clearly they didn't need it as the crowd explodes for the post-match attack on Trish. In terms of crowd investment, this show as a whole demonstrates how invested fans were in almost every act up and down the card. That is something that is so sorely missed right now.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-04-30-WWF-Backlash] D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley vs Test & Albert

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