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One hour WCCW primer - advice sought


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Much like Florida, I am swamped with footage from WCCW and trying to prepare a one hour primer on the history of the promotion. I want to include promos and character segments as well as matches. There's so much though, which to pick is a bit hard. I am thinking the Freebirds heel turn and Jimmy Garvin valet for a day are must haves but I'd also like to get Kevin, Kerry, Gart Hart, Kabuki, Devastation Inc, Brody and the Dynamic Duo in there as well.


Any ideas on what I might include in a one hour WCCW primer?


Thanks in advance.

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Dynamic Duo vs Kerry/Kevin double hair match (and maybe some of the follow up where the Duo would come out wearing masks to hide) was always one of my favorite WCCW angles. Brian Adias turning heel and using the Oriental Spike on everyone leading to a cage match with Kevin was always an underrated gem as well IMO since they always would mention Adias was a childhood friend of the Von Erichs. Brody never really did much beyond having endless DQ brawls with Abdullah, but maybe some Red River Jack stuff if there has to be something there.


You'd have to have something on the Iceman Parsons-Buddy Roberts Freebird hair cream feud too.

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