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Space City! A NWA ON DEMAND Podcast 4/28/17


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Pete and Johnny are lock and loaded and ready to go. We watched the footage , and now hear our thoughts.

On the agenda:

1. Dick Slater vs Bobby Duncum 9/11/81
2.Manny Fernandez/Tiger Conway Jr. vs Buck Robley/TankPatton 9/11/81
3. Jose Lothario vs Pak Song 5/23/80
-Welcome back Jose!!!

4. Gino Hernandez vs Gary Young 3/28/81
-Does Gino have another best guys ever match ?

5. Mark Lewin vs Toru Tanaka 3/28/81
-Where does this rank in babyface turns?
- JJ Dillon and his role.
- -Gary Hart and what role did he play?
- The psychology of a drop kick and how it played out in Houston.
-Hear the great story why Paul Boesch booked it according to Gary Hart.

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