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[2000-05-06-MCW-TV] Steven Regal vs Reckless Youth ('I Quit')


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A straight sprint as we only get 3.5 minutes of action. Lance is back on commentary which is nice to hear. Lady Ophelia helps Regal from the start of the match. In a dumb finish, Youth slaps the STF on Ophelia and she taps out. Regal puts the Regal Stretch on Youth on the floor. Disappointing climax to this feud. 1/2*

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Clips aired earlier in the show of Regal defeating Reckless at the New Daisy Theatre last Saturday. Youth was suppose to kiss his feet after the match, however he put him in the STF instead and that led to this ‘I Quit’ match. Some nice wrestling between the two to start with based around working the arm. As Reckless looks to have got the better of things, Regal with a forearm and an uppercut. Headscissors from Youth although there’s no down time as his Lordship lands a double underhook suplex. He goes for the ‘Regal stretch’ but Reckless scrambles to the ropes. Youth counters a front chancery with the STF and although he’s got the legs trapped, he can’t pull back on his neck to complete the hold. Regal reaches the ropes while Lady Ophelia just wanders in and out of the ring. As the official then has words with his Lordship, Ophelia chokes Reckless over the bottom rope. Whip to the corner, however as Regal charges in Youth gets his foot up. Sicilian slice, dragon screw and the STF, this time fully locked in. Lady Ophelia enters the ring, but Reckless sees her coming and puts her in the STF. Ophelia taps and the referee signals for the bell as, for some reason, this one is over. Regal attacks Reckless post-match and puts him in the ‘Regal stretch’ on the arena floor. The official decision is that Youth wins by DQ for Ophelia’s involvement, so this wasn’t something out of the Vince Russo playbook as it looked like originally.


Disappointing as this only goes three minutes before the DQ finish and there’s not a chance you can have a compelling ‘I Quit’ match in that time. Work was fine but they just ran through their spots trying to get everything in; no build, no selling, nothing meant anything. Judging by how the match ended I’m guessing that Ophelia got her cues wrong when she entered the ring and exited without doing anything, thinking that was the finish when it wasn’t.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-06-MCW-TV] Steven Regal vs Reckless Youth ('I Quit')

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