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[1998-07-18-AJPW] Jun Akiyama vs Maunakea Mossman


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A really well done punishment match. I think Kea's Swinging DDT might be the greatest counter spot ever, based just solely on the fact I buy into it over and over again despite having seen it a million times. Kea really takes it to Akiyama, firing away at him with awesome kicking combinations. The violence doesn't disappoint-you get an awesome slap battle, Akiyama doing all the standard stuff you'd expect him to in this type of match like a Bodyslam to the outside, a wicked Torture Crab etc., but the transitions are really the what holds this together so match. It's the key aspect of All Japan I point to over and over again, because it's what makes it work more than anything. When Akiyama bounces off the ropes and slows down a bit you expect a counter spot and he just Elbows Mossman in the face it feels really rewarding, as does Mossman counter kicking Akiyama literally miliseconds before he Elbows him in the face. The violence of Akiyama's final headdrops is something most will point to, but I think in a match like does Mossman selling an irish whip into a corner whip as a means of wear down as well as he did deserves at least as much credit, since that's something singificantly harder to pull off and rarer seen than a brutal Brainbuster or a Double Underhook DDt. ***1/4

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