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[2000-05-10-WCW-Thunder] Chris Candido vs Crowbar


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A good five minute match. Crowbar and Candido really bump all over the place with dives on the floor and a suplex onto the ramp. Daphney is able to hit her frankenscreamer and then her and Tammy have a catfight that excites Tenay. Candido hits a nice diving headbutt to win the match. **1/4

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The action begins before Crowbar has stepped through the ropes with Candido trying to get an early advantage that doesn’t really pay off. Headscissors variation by Crowbar and Candido goes for the eyes. DDT for two. Crowbar ducks a clothesline and catches Candido with a Death Valley Driver followed by a somersault guillotine legdrop. Tammy’s up on the apron, Crowbar grabs her, however the distraction allows Candido to nail him from behind. He picks him up for a belly to back suplex, but instead just dumps Crowbar backwards over the top rope to the floor. Pescado before tossing his opponent back inside. Tammy passes Candido a chair, he kisses her as a thank you but this lack of urgency allows Crowbar to level him with a baseball slide dropkick. Splash from the apron to the floor. Crowbar then sits Candido in a chair on the outside and comes off the apron again, this time with a flying clothesline. Now he’s the one showing no urgency though, and Candido suplexes him onto the rampway. Big hiptoss back inside. Crowbar blocks a suplex and responds with a face first one of his own. He sits Candido on the top turnbuckles, but ‘Hard Knox’ counters the huracanrana with a superbomb. He heads back up and now Daffney’s involving herself. A shot to the mid-section causes him to lose his balance and she lands the top rope frankensteiner that Crowbar couldn’t. Tammy spears Daffney and the women roll around on the floor until Candido separates them. Rikishi Driver on Crowbar, diving headbutt and Candido retains the Cruiserweight title.


Good opening match for Thunder with both working hard, taking some big bumps and putting plenty of effort in. My lone criticism is that I could’ve done without the women interjecting themselves into this, but then it wouldn’t be a match in the Vince Russo era without some sort of outside interference!

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-10-WCW-Thunder] Chris Candido vs Crowbar

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