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[2004-09-23-Jd'] Tsubasa Kuragaki vs Ranmaru


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Really fun match between two undercarders. Ranmaru has really sharp looking kicks and really lays the stiff shots into Kuragaki, while Kuragaki does a mix of power spots and integrated flying moves. I knew Kuragaki was "agile for a thick power wrestler", but her athleticism absolutely blew me away here, approaching Super Astro-ish levels. She did all these slick cat landing on her feet spots and asai moonsaults that wrestlers half her size can't pull off as clean. Most wrestlers will occasionally wobble a little when doing that kind of stuff, but everything she did had a perfect 10 landing. I also really liked how she caught Ranmaru in a canadian backbreaker hold, then followed up with a dropkick to the back and a sharpshooter for a nice submission nearfall. Her twisting moonsault where she crushed the Ninja with her hip was really nasty too. I'll be hunting for more Kuragaki.

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