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[2000-05-15-WCW-Nitro] Hulk Hogan vs Billy Kidman vs Horace Hogan


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A handicap match that was set up for one reason and that is Horace to make his decision. The action is fine with some back and forth until Horace seemingly helps his uncle by decking Bischoff. The filthy animals run in and get taken out as well. Torrie Wilson comes out in a short cheetah print dress and suddenly Horace has a change of heart. He hits Hulk with a chair and puts on the New Blood shirt. *1/4

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Eric Bischoff is backstage with Billy Kidman and Horace Hogan. He says that tonight he’s giving Horace a shot, tells him not to screw it up and to trust him. Hulk Hogan is still in the ring from the previous segment when the three of them head out. Bischoff says he could kick Hulk’s ass, but he’s not gonna. Everyone already knows that Billy did, and tonight, his own nephew is going to kick his ass all over the state because he’s one of them. Horace seems a bit reluctant by all this, but as they walk down the rampway to the ring, Hulk is out to meet them and nails Kidman. Hogan launches Kidman back into the ring with him soaring over the top rope, and the two of them go at it while Horace watches on, not involving himself in any of the action. Kidman tries to encourage him to help him but he wants no part of it. Irish whip, Hulk holds onto the ropes and Kidman dropkicks the air. Hogan then slingshots him out of the ring with Kidman taking a bump on the ramp. They return to the ring and a belly to back suplex where Hogan makes the cover, only to lift him up at the count of one wanting to dish out more punishment. Hulk whips Kidman into the guardrail and then puts him over his shoulder ramming him into the ringpost. Kidman continues to call on Horace for help but to no avail. Low blow and Bischoff (who’s on commentary) calls it a “tremendous uppercut from the Kidster!” Hogan immediately starts to ‘Hulk up’ as Kidman’s shots are having no effect. Another low blow and as Kidman tries to high tail it out of there, Horace grabs him by the pants and throws him back to his uncle. Bischoff leaves the commentary postion and gets up on the apron to find out what Horace is playing at. Easy E slaps him across his face and Horace responds with a right sending him falling to the floor. Horace goes out after him and Tony Schiavone screams about putting him through the announcer’s table! The Filthy Animals run down to help Kidman but Horace passes Hulk a chair and the two of them clean house. Torrie Wilson is out looking all sultry and seductive, Horace sees her and then nails his uncle in the back with a chair. He covers Hulk, Horace gets the three and Bischoff presents him with a New Blood shirt.


So the inference is that Torrie Wilson slept/will sleep with Horace if he turns on his uncle and joins the New Blood. Christ! To be fair though the turn has been obvious from day one and I’m just surprised it took so long for it to happen. This was actually a triple threat match as opposed to a handicap match by the way, and that’s pinfall defeats to Billy Kidman, Mike Awesome and now Horace Hogan in the space of a month. Kidman’s bumping and antics made me enjoy this one more than I expected.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-15-WCW-Nitro] Hulk Hogan vs Billy Kidman vs Horace Hogan

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