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[2000-05-17-WCW-Thunder] Hulk Hogan vs Horace Hogan


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Here comes Hulk for what I think is his final Thunder match but we will see if I remember that correctly. The in fighting with the New Blood over Torrie is really grating as Horace punches out Kidman before coming out and taking it to Hulk. At least Torrie with Kidman or Horace is more believable than her hanging arm and arm with Bischoff. A quick brawl and Torrie gives Horace some appreciation which brings out Kidman. He and Horace go after each other again. Hulk hiptosses Kidman through the table and then pins Horace. Afterwards, Hulk kisses Torrie and she likes that as well. ¾*

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Quick in ring promo where Hulk talks about Horace having some problems growing up when his father passed away. He never laid a hand on him back then, but tonight he’s going to kick his ass! The camera then cuts to the New Blood watching on a monitor backstage. Horace wants Torrie Wilson to accompany him to ringside but Kidman isn’t too keen on the idea. The two of them play tug-of-war with her; Horace decks Kidman, grabs Torrie and then heads to the ring.


Hulk attacks Horace as soon as he steps through the ropes and we get some lame looking offense from both. Lariat and he tosses his nephew to the outside. Irish whip into the guardrail and Hulk pulls a table out from under the ring. Horace is quickly back on him though and they trade punches, with Hulk getting the better of things before returning to finish setting up that table. Back inside and he starts whipping Horace with his leather belt. Hulk crotches him on the top rope at which point Torrie gets up on the apron. Hogan goes over to say something, however the distraction allows Horace to nail his uncle in the back. Horace then kisses Torrie, but this brings out Kidman who jumps right on him. As the New Blood members fight each other, Hulk cracks Horace in the back with a chair and then launches Kidman over the top rope and through the table he’d set up earlier. The chair shot has KO’d Horace and Hulk covers him for the win. Torrie comes in the ring to check on her man after the match and Hulk grabs her. He motions as if he’s going to hit her, but instead kisses her which she seems to enjoy.


Best thing about this was Kidman’s bump, but unfortunately we don’t get the best angle for it. Both Hulk and Horace have some horrid looking offense, and this was hardly the “ass kicking” Hulk had promised in his promo. At least we got a three count though!

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-17-WCW-Thunder] Hulk Hogan vs Horace Hogan

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