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[2000-05-21-WWF-Judgment Day] D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley vs X-Pac & Road Dogg (Tables)


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The Dudley Boyz have shown their ability to help fill out the midcard of these shows with their battle vs T&A last month and now this month vs DX. They are really over as faces now but it is centered around violence and tables so that continues to allow them to have an edge. The action here was pretty pedestrian and even X-Pac didn’t look too motivated. There also wasn’t nearly the cleverness in the table spots that happened at the Royal Rumble with the Hardys. The referee goes through a table which made me groan but we do get a payoff off of Gerald Briscoe being out there and reviving the referee just in time for X-Pac to hit an X-Factor through the table. In addition, Tori is scathed from going through the table. After the match, they do send Briscoe through one, but it rather punctuates how much of a comedy title the hardcore belt is because they don’t bother pinning him. There is a lot of heels going over in this show which isn’t bad as a stand alone but doesn’t feel satisfactory when they are built back to back like they have been tonight. **1/4

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Pretty rote action here until the closing moments with the ref bump kind of waking things up. The crowd goes wild for the table tease on Tori but X-Pac breaks it up, we get a screwy finish, and this was just kind of there. Post-match is a crowd pleaser and it's wild how over the Dudleys are, particularly Bubba Ray. Good on Briscoe to take a painful looking table bump.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-21-WWF-Judgment Day] D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley vs X-Pac & Road Dogg (Tables)

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