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[1996-11-11-WCW-Nitro] Juventud Guerrera vs Miguel Perez Jr

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This match is so dumb. Essentially it's as generic as a lucha showcase match on Nitro match gets, there are several moments where the bad cooperation is just too obvious (like the Russian Legsweep), no one in the crowd cares and they do nothing to win them over, most of the spots aren't that impressive and those that are (like a Frankensteiner off the guardrail getting countered onto a frenking Powerbomb on the floor) are quickly neutralizied by dumb stuff like following that up with another dive, a DDT and then a no-selling sequence straight out of 2010s indy garbage matches. And the match just has to end on a flash roll up, almost as a plea for everyone to forget it ever took place and just turn over to Raw. **

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