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[2000-05-22-WCW-Nitro] Billy Kidman vs Horace Hogan


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Not much of a match and Torrie is deemed the referee of course. These two had a fun match on Thunder and less success since then. The match only goes for a few minutes before Hulk makes his run in and forces Torrie to make the pinfall. Ready for Kidman to be done with this side angle. *

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Kidman confronts Eric Bischoff backstage wanting to know where Torrie Wilson is. He tells him that he can play all the games he wants with Page and his wife but he’s not doing it to him. Bischoff says that she’s around the corner and the camera just about catches her coming out of Horace’s dressing room. Kidman goes in to get him, meanwhile Bischoff attacks one of the officials, rips the shirt off him and gives it to Torrie to put on so she can referee the match. Horace and Kidman exit the dressing room and fight each other all the way down to the ring. Kidman with a bulldog on the arena floor and the camera’s are focussed more on Bischoff (who’s now providing commentary) than the match itself. Back elbow from Horace and a boot to the chest. Chokeslam and he heads outside to collect a table. Mark Madden wonders if Torrie Wilson is on the line and the winner gets her, however Bischoff is disgusted with the suggestion and the idea that somebody in the ‘New Blood’ would stoop so low! Horace sets up the table, when out comes Uncle Hulk. Kidman counters a powerbomb into a facebuster and lays Horace on the table. He heads upstairs, but Hulk swipes his legs out from under him. Hogan slams Kidman off the top and through Horace and the table, before putting Kidman on top of his nephew and ordering Torrie to count the pin. Post-match Hogan tells Bischoff he doesn’t care who he’s got as special referee at the PPV as he’s going to kick Kidman’s ass and set himself up for the WCW title.


Not a patch on the match they had last month. This whole scenario didn’t make Kidman look good and was like a throwaway segment in between the main storyline of Hogan and Bischoff. The focus on ‘Easy E’ at the commentary desk as opposed to the match and his talk of this guest referee for the PPV seemed to back that up.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-22-WCW-Nitro] Billy Kidman vs Horace Hogan

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