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[2000-05-29-WWF-Raw] Chris Jericho & Matt & Jeff Hardy vs Test & Albert & Val Venis


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Jericho is over as a face tonight and cutting promos on Steph. T&A gets a nice pop probably due to Trish. Val again looks good mixing it up here with the more workrate heavy members of the roster. I also thought Albert looked good here bumping and hitting his big time offense. Trish trips Jeff Hardy and gets into it with Matt allowing Albert to hit his A Bomb for the heels to secure the win. *1/4

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This six man has been made by Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley as a result of what happened ‘last night’ on Heat, where the Hardyz helped out Chris Jericho who had been forced to take on T&A in a handicap match by Stephanie. Jericho speculates that with all this time she’s been devoting to him recently that maybe Steph has a crush on Y2J? He tells her that if she combs out that rat’s nest hair style and buys a couple of bottles of Clearasil, then she just might have a shot with the ‘Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla’! The heels get a decent pop on their entrance, although that appears solely down to Trish Stratus as opposed to the men. Jericho drops Val with a spinning heel kick which he follows up with a facebuster. Venis reverses the Irish whip and Albert with a lariat from the apron. It doesn’t do much damage to Y2J, although distracts him sufficiently to allow Val to hit a spinebuster. Stephanie is then shown watching the match on a monitor backstage and enjoying seeing Jericho suffer. Huge gorilla press slam on Y2J after almost slipping when stepping over the top rope! Running splash in the corner, big boot to the face by Test and Steph liked that one. Jericho ducks a clothesline, flying forearm and he’s able to make a tag to Matt. He just about executes the swinging DDT on Albert and a double team ‘Poetry in Motion’ to Test. Albert cuts off the attempted ‘Twist of Fate’ with a lariat but, he’s only delaying the inevitable, as Matt is able to hit it while the ref is trying to get Albert out of the ring. Jeff heads up top for the ‘Swanton bomb’, however Trish nails him with one of her boots which she has taken off. Matt grabs hold of her, but Albert to the rescue and a ‘Baldo bomb’ later gives them the upset win.


All too rushed as the actual match, after Jericho’s promo, only lasted around four minutes. The heat section on Y2J was fine, but it became a bit of a cluster and messy in the closing stretch. Surprise win for the heels as I didn’t think that trio would be getting the win here at all.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-29-WWF-Raw] Chris Jericho & Matt & Jeff Hardy vs Test & Albert & Val Venis

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