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Alvarado Family goes wild, destroys UG's car.


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Cubsfan story link here .



Basically Brazo de Oro was the head of the CMLL wrestler's union and the family felt the position should go to one of them when he died. According to SuperLuchas, Ultimo Guerrero either was or will be given the job instead, so the family (including Psycho Clown who's scheduled to main event TripleMania for AAA) went nuts and destroyed UG's car in the Arena Mexico parking lot. La Mascara was involved as was Maximo, and both are off shows for the foreseeable future.


Normally something like this would be the kick off to some big angle, but not only is CMLL way too conservative to ever do something like that, masked guys were shown without their mask so there's nothing like that happening here. Also UG mentioned on Facebook he's pressing charges, so this might have an ongoing impact on the lucha scene.

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Dave mentioned this may have a ripple effect considering La Mascara is really good friends with Rush and Psycho Clown is married to Negro Casas' daughter, Firing him might cause them to choose between business and family, which is a big deal considering the Munoz family (Pierroth/Rush/Mistico II/Dragon Lee).

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