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  1. This would place on my short list (as in short enough to count with one or two hands) of the greatest matches ever. I absolutely get why some may hesitate to view this as one match, but the story, psychology and booking throughout the entire affair are so comprehensive that I have no trouble doing so.
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  3. WingedEagle

    Current New Japan

    Let's hope. A bit worried they could shoehorn Goto in and make it a threeway. Anything worth checking out on this tour yet? I popped in for a couple of the Tana/Okada tags, which were all fine, but have yet to hear of anything in the tag league that is appointment viewing.
  4. WingedEagle

    Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

    Echoes my thoughts as well. This was a must listen for a while but quickly became one I avoid unless I see multiple people here tout an episode as an incredible. There's no reason to sit through Conrad reading old results while Bruce rants about Meltzer or others who just don't know anything. One trick pony.
  5. Anything worth watching this week?
  6. After last week's death by a thousand papercuts to my eyeballs, I'm officially sitting out Raw this week and next. Will watch some recent shows from Japan on Monday nights, whether DG, Stardom or AJPW. I'll be back in 2 weeks post-TLC for the Rumble build heading into Mania season. Still tuning into Smackdown every week, and I've got this on DVR so if by chance something gets rave reviews I can always catch it but this feels like a well earned break.
  7. WingedEagle

    Stacey's Divas Deep Dive

    If it had some GIFs of the girls I would've been able to talk the wife into reading it but still fun. How did you not at least include a Jack (Mr.) Pf(i)effer reference in a wrestling article?!
  8. Could also have Asuka win to set up Charlotte/Ronda at the Rumble and Becky winning the women's Rumble.
  9. I know it goes back a long way and I've probably blocked out a number of contenders, but that felt like one of the worst Raws ever. It started out horribly and alternated between the slow and fast lanes to wrestling hell for the next 3 hours. The only thing I found remotely amusing were Alicia Fox's antics during her entrance. That's it. Raw has been pretty bad for most of the year and noticeably worse since Roman had to step away. Most PPVs have been a chore. But watching this show was the first time I told myself to find something better to do next Monday night. I could rewatch some MOTYCs. Play a video game. Watch MNF. See if I still remember my wife's name. Give myself papercuts. If there's anything worthwhile on Raw the DVR will have it. But old habits are hard to kill. We'll see what happens in 6 days.
  10. WingedEagle

    Current New Japan

    I don't believe anything's been pushed for the final night beyond Goto/Ibushi as noted above. Fingers crossed that leads to Ibushi/Ospreay for WK. There are a couple 6 man tags any day now featuring Tanahashi & Okada working together. Absolutely checking those out, but otherwise no plans to dip in here unless I hear something is particularly compelling. Its still so odd to me that the company almost books itself cold 6 weeks out of its biggest annual show.
  11. Daniel Bryan is an unbelievable performer.
  12. WingedEagle

    Stacey's Divas Deep Dive

    I'm in if only for the Golden Girls references. Don't let me down!
  13. WingedEagle

    WWE Survivor Series 2018

    That's definitely an open question and concern, especially with Charlotte going full heel. But that was one tremendous piece of wrestling business from start to finish. Incredible intensity and struggle, blood & bruising, a finish & post-match that worked. Straight fire.
  14. WingedEagle

    WWE Survivor Series 2018

    As noted above, such rules to not apply to Brock Lesnar.
  15. WingedEagle

    WWE Survivor Series 2018

    So the show may be a big meh thus far, but that heat for Nia. We need her vs. Becky at the Rumble and Nia has to bleed. The women's roster isn't deep, but there are enough obstacles there en route to Rousey at Mania that could realistically have her be the hottest act in the company at that time. What a world.