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  1. WingedEagle

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

    From what I saw I was the high man on the women's chamber but the Kofi run at the end came close to pushing the men ahead of it. Not going to drop any spoilers here but the tentative title match at Smackdown is quite yawn worthy. Hopefully somehow Kofi picks up enough momentum into and coming out of Fastlane to warrant a change in plans at the big show, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
  2. That looked awful. He seemed to recover and hit some planned spots at the finish but I won't be surprised if we hear he's out for a while.
  3. WingedEagle

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

    I'm still awaiting a proper rant from you on EC.
  4. I will never tire of these thread titles, Kawada. Keep it up. If DIY/Revival goes 3 minutes I'm turning the show off. Full stop.
  5. WingedEagle

    The Pro-wrestling Curve of Attractiveness

    Legitimately laughed out loud at this. Bravo. Aesthetics are a vital and undeniable part of this or any performance business. Performers should look the part, but that doesn't mean they should all look the same. Attractive, fit, athletic, huge, small, whatever the case may be -- diversity of appearances go a long way. Its why monsters who can be marketed as 7 feet stand out when used sparingly and why Daniel Bryan wouldn't work if he had Randy Orton's size and look. There's no shame in acknowledging or judging how a given look is an asset or detriment to a particular role or character.
  6. WingedEagle

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

    This show has turned south like a roller coaster after the women's chamber. Hour 3 of raw territory since then.
  7. WingedEagle

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

    So I expected the women's chamber to be okay at best, but more likely mediocre. Those expectations are undoubtedly a huge reason why I thought this match was incredible. MOTY? Slow down. But a legitimately all time great Elimination Chamber and if its not MOTN this will be an incredible show. Most importantly this was just about perfectly laid out. Every pairing and sequences had a purpose with a given individual or pairing designed to shine or get destroyed. It never felt lost, lacking purpose or killing time as matches of this length with this many participants usually do. The symmetry of opening with Sasha/Bayley vs. Mandy/Sonya and closing with the same pairing. That Bayley neckbreaker to Mandy as Sasha kicked Sonya's head off. Liv & Sonya deciding to shoot and slapping the life out of each other. Liv with a couple trademark Liv Morgan sick bumps, particularly that snatch out of the corner. The Iconics -- THE ICONICS -- who have been nothing since coming up outside of perhaps a promo or two that prompted a grin -- being put in position to futilely try and capitalize on a ring full of corpses before getting a brief shine with double teams that while hardly flawless looked strong and most importantly well placed and perfectly opportunistic given everything that led to that brief run. Nia & Tamina actually being presented and working as monster heels -- SAMOAN SLAUGHTERHOUSE -- what a name -- and just wrecking everyone upon entering in the way that monster heels should before they're eventually overcome was incredibly well done. They killed everyone in sight until Nia took a sick bump into the pod to set up Tamina's gang elimination. I can't highlight it enough but the flow of this match as each team entered and was eventually eliminated -- which despite the ring filling up never felt rushed -- was pitch perfect. The timing was on point and I wouldn't change a thing. When Nia & Tamina were eliminated before the finish I thought they were getting too cute for their own good, but that not only gave us the same final pairing we started with, but also a callback to last year's women's chamber where Sasha turned on Bayley and a finish playing off of Sasha's early arm injury. Stiffness, slaps, bumps, psychoogy, callbacks, choice use of near falls and a fun, emotional post-match interview. I don't know what else they could've done here but I loved it the entire way. ****1/4
  8. WingedEagle

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

    Extended thoughts upon its conclusion, but safe to say I love this match.
  9. Thanks for posting this. House show reports have these four consistently killing it on a nightly basis and this match proved that even with a fancam from home. A well paced affair that built to a stretch run without overdoing things. An easy ***3/4 affair where and MOTN at most house shows unless you're seeing something truly special.
  10. WingedEagle

    WWE/NXT 2010s MOTD List

    These are the matches I'd consider candidates for MOTD. All of these would make my list of top all time matches and come in at 4.75 or 5 stars. Cena vs. Punk -- MITB 2011 Cena vs. Lesnar -- Extreme Rules 2012 Bryan vs. Cena -- Summerslam Bryan vs. HHH -- Mania 30 Bryan vs. Reigns -- Fastlane 2015 Reigns vs. Lesnar -- Mania 31 Sasha vs. Bayley -- Iron Man Reigns vs. AJ -- Extreme Rules 2016 Revival vs. DIY -- Takeover Brooklyn Revival vs. DIY -- Takeover Toronto Gargano vs. Almas -- Takeover Philadelphia
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  13. WingedEagle

    [2006-08-12-ROH-Unified] Bryan Danielson vs Nigel McGuinness

    Seconding that one. A legitimate classic, though I wonder how well it'd come across without watching some of the road to it.
  14. WingedEagle

    [2006-08-12-ROH-Unified] Bryan Danielson vs Nigel McGuinness

    I think the last two legs of the Joe vs. Punk trilogy hold up incredible well, with the 60 minute draw being a MOTY contender and the final outing a legit classic. The first meeting at the show titled titled World Title Classic is far from a classic but still a solid outing and while I wouldn't skip it if you've never seen these, its not something you need to see if the goal is to catch either man's best. But those last two (Joe vs. Punk II and All Star Extravaganza)? Incredible wrestling matches that exceed what you'd expect given where Punk was at that stage of his career.
  15. Any consensus on what matches I need to watch here?