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  1. WingedEagle

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    The Texas 80s set didn't rate as highly for me as the others for that very reason. It was clear they were a huge deal and incredible stars to their audience but it simply didn't translate all these years later. I wonder how much of that is due to music and production making them seem like even bigger stars at the time while we've now had decades of that being done across the board, so when you strip that away there's not much left except on those special nights when they'd really connect with the right opponent.
  2. WingedEagle

    WWE Extreme Rules 2021 - Less Extreme, More Rules

    Apparently its widespread. New day vs. Lashley/AJ/Omos is a solid addition, but gives me great concern that they're pushing this past the 3 hour mark. What do folks think is the over/under for when it ends?
  3. WingedEagle

    AEW Dynamite - Grand Slam - September 22, 2021

    That's good to hear. I was there before 6PM and didn't see anyone asked for their card. Same for my friends who arrived over the next half hour or so, but at least it seems like it wasn't policy to completely disregard it.
  4. WingedEagle

    AEW Dynamite - Grand Slam - September 22, 2021

    One issue with Wednesday's taping is that it was far from the smoothest live event experience and certainly lacking compared with other events in the area. Vaccination was required for admission yet I didn't hear of a single person being asked to present evidence at the door. Similarly, my seats were in a section in the stands that's there year round as opposed to something constructed on the floor for this show. However, it turns out my section number didn't actually exist. There was only one instance where someone came by thinking they should've been in our seats (which we ID'd and confirmed with an usher and supervisor using a seating chart) but it seemed a bit amateur hour. I've got no idea whether these fall on AEW or Arthur Ashe, but especially with the roof closed I would've liked a bit more vigilance on the vaccination front.
  5. WingedEagle

    AEW Dynamite - Grand Slam - September 22, 2021

    Big question is whether I take my chances with parking or take the subway. Still surreal that I'm going to this show tonight. Hopefully Omega/Dragon isn't too rushed.
  6. WingedEagle

    AEW Dynamite - Sept 15 2021

    I was hoping I'd get to see Danielson & Omega in an 8 man tag or something similar next week to build towards the PPV, but to think I'll actually be there for another Bryan Danielson singles match nearly 15 years after the last is mind blowing.
  7. WingedEagle

    AEW Dynamite - Sept 8 2021

    I want Dante Martin on TV every week. I know he shouldn't be there every week, but he feels so fresh and different from the rest of the show whenever he gets an opportunity. No clue what his ceiling may be but his athleticism and body control are incredible and allow him to turn traditionally impressive spots into something really special. He's also already an impressive seller and more than willing to take some creatively sick bumps to get there as well. Last night was the first time I didn't mind MJF. His schtick usually makes me cringe but outside of screaming "not cheap heat!" that segment was pretty good. But he still comes across as one of the least physically imposing wrestlers around. I'm cool with Cody/Black at Arthur Ashe even if I didn't expect Cody back quite that soon, but they've also gotta give us an Elite vs. Bryan & Co 8/10/12 man, right?
  8. WingedEagle

    AEW All Out 2021 - September 5, 2021

    I really, really hope we get Kaze Ni Nare at Arthur Ashe.
  9. WingedEagle

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Is there any detailed info on when various talent's contracts expire? Curious who else may be poachable in the months ahead.
  10. WingedEagle

    AEW All Out 2021 - September 5, 2021

    The first 2 hours of this show were terrific with Bucks/Luchas right there with Bucks vs. Moxley/Kingston as my favorite AEW match of the year. I just wish MJF/Jericho came earlier as the first half could've used a bathroom break.
  11. WingedEagle

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Wow. Even more amazing than it reads because it feels like we've been watching the same roster for closer to 15 years given how they book and present the product.
  12. WingedEagle

    Jerry Lawler vs Stan Hansen

    Hansen's a top 20 candidate for me. Lawler will not rank. Just never clicked with me at all as someone special.
  13. WingedEagle

    WWE TV 08/30 - 09/05 Paralympic Games rock

    I've wondered for a while why he doesn't do this. If he doesn't believe he'll ever get the keys to the kingdom, why put up with working there? Go home and enjoy your kids.
  14. WingedEagle

    WWE TV 08/30 - 09/05 Paralympic Games rock

    I agree with this in theory, but is it even possible if FCW is on national TV? Allowing talent to develop their character and in-ring without giving your base audience the opportunity to formulate opinions on them before they're given an opportunity seemed like a vital part of the process, one that weekly cable TV defeats.
  15. WingedEagle

    AEW Rampage - 20th August 2021

    I'm a lot more pumped for the show tonight than I would've thought even a month or 2 ago. Looking forward to seeing how they debut him.