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[1993-10-24-WCW-Halloween Havoc] Ricky Steamboat vs Paul Orndorff

Superstar Sleeze

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More heated their Clash match and these two had great chemistry. Wonderful jumps the Dragon and its on. Great opening as each is firing and Orndorff getting the best of it. Steamer takes a powder and Wonderful is all over him. Loved the Dragons missed dive from the ramp into the ring. Steamboat goes for a flying hammerlock and this begins the armwork that would dominate the match. Between this& Regal he sure loved armwork and he was really good at it. It did go for a while and started to get heel in peril. Orndorff fires up on outside and it feels like a babyface comeback. They collide on a crossbosy attempt and that levels the playing field. I thought the finish stretch was heated and well-built. Atomic drop by Steamboat on ramp looked good as did all the chops. Their go around on bridge finishing with a catapult was cool. The false finish with the crossbody was hot. Some nice flying tackles by Steamboat but he ends up flying over top rope...The Assassin who is aligned with Wonderful loads his mask and head butts the Dragon. Countout victory for Mr. Wonderful.


Solid match from two pros that was heated from start, good arm work and hot finish stretch. ***1/2

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