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[2000-05-31-WCW-Thunder] Sting vs Billy Kidman


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These two continue to have decent chemistry and Sting seems motivated. Sting even does a table spot I have never seen where the table is set up long ways on the ropes and he back body drops Kidman through it. Sting follows up by doing the ramp splash on both Kidman and Horace. Kidman and Horace continue to have their issues revolving around Torrie and Mike Awesome has to be the voice of reason as the segment ends. **

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This is actually a three way dance as opposed to a singles match and there’s still dissension in the ranks over Torrie. As Kidman and Horace are talking tactics in the ring, Sting runs down the rampway and jumps over the top rope levelling them both with a double lariat. A dropkick sends Horace tumbling to the floor, before he clotheslines Kidman over the top rope to the outside. Sting follows them out but is quickly overwhelmed by the two on one odds. Kidman launches him into the guardrail and then tosses him back inside. Bodyslam by Horace, Kidman with the Hulk Hogan legdrop but it doesn’t even get him a one count. Double suplex on the Stinger. Kidman tells Horace to go and get a table, but in the meantime he telegraphs a backdrop and Sting with a facebuster. Scorpion Deathlock and Horace is back just in time for the save. Double back elbow, Horace makes the cover, however Kidman pulls him off. ‘Death Valley Driver’ and the same happens again. Horace props the table length ways up against the ring ropes, goes to clobber Sting with a clothesline, but he ducks and hits Kidman instead. ‘Stinger splash’ to both, and the Stinger then presses Kidman and throws him through the top part of the table and out onto the rampway. He throws Horace out too, and then sprints the length of the rampway nailing them both with a great crossbody against the broken table. Sting pulls Kidman back inside and slaps on the ‘Scorpion Deathlock’ for the win. Horace and Kidman get into a post-match shoving match and Mike Awesome is out to play peacemaker.


I enjoyed this; a fun match with Kidman keeping up his trait of taking some crazy ass bumps. He and Sting have great chemistry together and the latter continues to work hard. Although a three-way, it was primarily a handicap match with the added factor of the simmering tension between Horace and Kidman. Of course that tension rises after a miscommunication spot between the two leads to Sting getting the win.

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