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[2017-05-20-NJPW-Best of the Super Juniors] BUSHI vs El Desperado


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Baby face BUSHI! Desperado's is right back with the chair here, but Bushi comes out like a house of fire with two big dropkicks. He uses his shirt, but Desperado takes advantage of the ref's distraction and plasters Bushi with a chair to the face on his dive through the ropes. I really do enjoy the frantic ring announcer telling the crowd to move - it's quite tense. Desperado throws him in the chairs, but he avoids the countout. Now we move to knee work on BUSHI, and this is fairly well done and the selling is there. You especially see this with a charge into the corner by BUSHI where he's limited and doesn't get much of the double knees. Springboard rana to the outside looks good too. Despy works the mask untying - a BUSHI staple used against him! - and gets it off at one point. This all plays into the finish, BUSHI's last comeback features his destroyer, but Despy slips off the mask and covers him for the win as panic ensues. Post match BUSHI goes after him, as he should, which pops the crowd. I dug this ***1/2

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