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[2017-05-18-NJPW-Best of the Super Juniors] Marty Scurll vs Dragon Lee


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I had originally watched this one a little disjointedly and, predictably, I though the match was disjointed and didn't enjoy the first half. Watching awake and alert, I liked this a ton more than at first. Marty even got the "Chicken wing!" thing over with the crowd. Man Dragon's tope con hilo skies over Scurll on the outside. Creative stuff by Marty tying Dragon's mask to the rope and laying in the strikes (and kind of the arm - he was hit or miss with that here, but he never got the CFCW on anyway). Last shot by Scurll too, that's the biggest kickout. Nice Spanish fly - corner finish off a headbutt->corner stomp. Perfectly fine. ***1/4

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Marty fucking sucks. His matches against everyone have been basically the same: Bad comedy spots, doing that bird thing like an asshole, and sucking at bumping and catching dives, two things pretty necessary for a junior tournament. I have no idea what anyone sees in him. The nicest thing I can say about him is at least he cut his manbun.




For all the shit Ospreay gets, at least he's athletic and impressive and looks like he works out. Scurll looks like he hits up Planet Fitness twice a week to sit on yoga mats and go tan. He's so uncoordinated and so unconvincing as an athlete.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-05-18-NJPW-Best of the Super Juniors] Marty Scurll vs Dragon Lee

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